Sunday, August 22, 2010

Books can only reveal us to ourselves...

A brainless slime mold makes decisions the same way humans do.  This might explain reality TV.

Desktop Engineering's list of 25 Things Managers Should Know about FEA is great.  Just replace FEA with CFD and it works for me too.   I like #7 - Using different people for meshing and analysis is asking for trouble.

The origins of abc is a beautifully illustrated history of the Roman alphabet.

Blogger and marketing guru Seth Godin shares his ideas on the foundations of business - or at least new ones that plan to be successful.  (#9 - Don't build a fortress of secrets, bet on open.)  Alicia Morga offers her list of 20 things she learned as an entrepreneur.  (#10 - FEAR: False Expectations Appearing Real).  [Note: for someone touted as an expert blogger, the editing of this list sucks.]  And finally, Rocket Watcher advises you to avoid the #1 marketing mistake.  Bosses of tomorrow can develop leadership skills at Boss TV.  Or you can just speed-read Matt's 7 tips for entrepreneurs.  (#3 Learn the power of saying no.)  If they avoid the word "I", if they use lots of extreme emotion words, and if they say "uh" less often, your boss is probably lying.  Share why you love (or hate) your job at JobVent.  (Don't bother, I already checked.  There's nothing.  Yet.)

Carsonified's opinion of the perfect development environment includes, among other things, a 3 monitor setup.  My 15.6 inch laptop screen shrivels by comparison.  Perhaps I should upgrade to Ostendo's CRVD 43-inch curved display monitor (for only $6,499).

Because I can.

Got a hankerin' for CAE videos?  Check out ANSYS' and Beta CAE's YouTube channels.  And TransMagic hosts their videos on ShareMCAD.  Last week it was permanent pencils; this week it's the inkless metal pen.  Get seamless patterns from Tileables.

Do you suffer from OMG?  Then this book is for you. (not what you think) is a museum of vintage electronic musical toys.

And then there's the OOoo Chair.  Someone please tell me this is a joke.  However, I bet Kelly Sutton would like the OOoo Chair.  He created Cult of Less to document his progress toward reducing his worldly possessions to only what'll fit in two bags and two boxes.  I dare him to legally change his name to Les.

API-Status is an easy way for you to check whether your favorite public API like or foursquare or Posterous is up and available.   The folks at OPEN CASCADE now provide a list of complementary components.

Here's yet another list of films featuring nuclear attacks. (#10 Special Bulletin.  I remember watching this in college.  Excellent.)  If those films get you all worked up, take solace in Protect and Survive, civil defense documents from the UK.

If you have broken STL files, netfabb Cloud will repair them for free. DISPLAX's Skin can be applied to a surface to make it touch sensitive. Apple has made available CAD drawings for iPhones, iPads, and iPods so you can design your own cases.

Curious how your web site will look on an iPad?  Check it out in iPad Peek.

Looking for a new tool bug tracking?  Try the online Bontq. Make your Gantt charts online with Gantto.  (Don't you just love Web 2.0 company names?)

Everyone's finding a partner for fluid structure interaction.  Two couples last week and now MSC and ACUSIM have gotten together.  The Dassault Systemes Customer Conference will be held 09-10 Nov 2010 in Orlando.  Spatial's 3D Insiders' Summit will be held 28-29 September 2010 in Colorado.  Intel acquired McAfee for $7.68 billion.  Oracle killed OpenSolarisAlibre ported their entire code to C#.  See what else is new in Alibre Design 2011.

You'll find Mark Burhop's 3-part series on practical social media on the Siemens PLM Software blog.   In his experience, you can tweet, update, and post efficiently without impacting your day job.  If you're seeking inspiration for integrating social media into your web site, here are 55 beautiful examples.  The design experts at Cooper draw a line in the sand when it comes to social media and it isn't where you'd think.  It's not a social media enabled version of Solitaire (hello - solitaire) it's the "social sleeping" iHome alarm clock.  This is funny cuz one of my boys just bought one (but I haven't seen his first post yet).

How does a Space Shuttle launch look to a solid rocket booster?  Kinda dull for about the first two minutes, but then things get crazy.  Painting a 747 - 4 days in 4 minutes.  I wonder how many rolls of that blue tape they use?  If you long for the sartorial splendor of bygone days, check out these vintage clothing ads.

Draw with flowers using FlowerPower.

Where's your alma mater on U.S. News' list of the best value colleges for 2010?  Syracuse is #46 and Texas A&M is #21. For the incoming class of 2014, few know how to write in cursive.  Cry yourself to sleep with this and other signs of your aging with Beloit College's Mindset List.

Trey Gunn wrote and performed the soundtrack for the award winning experimental short film, The Magnificent Jinn.  Enjoy this video of David Gilmour and Roger Waters on stage together for a charity benefit.  This two year old interview with guitarist Allan Holdsworth is interesting for at least one reason: he talks about remastering and reissuing his I.O.U. album.  Also, I was not aware that his divorce was the reason for his lack of output in the 90s.  Bill Bruford writes about Yes' first album from 1969. "...early Yessers had practically nothing in common."  Now's your chance to download the original screenplay for Pink Floyd's The Wall (written by Roger Waters and illustrated by Gerald Scarfe).

I'm going to have to check out Fort Worth's new ArtAffects Gallery.  A shadow cloud is a three-dimensional object, consisting of multiple shadow-casting elements semi-randomly arranged in three dimensions.  thru religion is one example of such a sculpture.  Be sure to watch the video all the way through.  It looks to me like this was made using a stereolithography machine.  This 3D interactive tribute to M.C. Escher will either enthrall you or give you vertigo.

Expectant mothers: boost the intelligence of your unborn child by eating bacon and eggs. The latest installment of Wired's great bacon odyssey is bacon pancakes.   Why does Somalia of all places have 6 entries on this list of 25 bizarre coins?

This should win some marketing or advertising award.  Excellent!

Topping off your helicopter's fuel tanks with nitrogen decreases the chance that a projectile impact will cause an explosion.  See how CFD contributed to this survivability study.

Most tweets are pointless babble (41%) and other psychological insights into Twitter.  No comments, please.  Use TweetStats to graph how much you tweet.  (Here's mine.)   Mashable cites 5 trends in social media including #3 Group Buying (i.e. Groupon).  Paul Graham writes about What Happened to Yahoo (they thought they were a media company, not a technology company).  Read why Deelip Menezes calls Ning a "train wreck."

Ladies, your bra can kill you so take that thing off.  Enjoy that and other medical myths.

Lesser-known truths about programming. (#3 Great programmers spend little of their time writing code.)  OpenCL is an open, free, standard for parallel programming.  Trigonometry porn.  Arithmetic may be wrong; there may be things about numbers we may never know.  One stop shopping for science: ScienceBlogs.

At you see all sorts of real time numbers about who owes how much.  (For example, U.S. debt per taxpayer is about $120,000.)  Maybe instead of everyone getting their panties in a wad over these numbers, folks should be focused on getting their own personal finances in order.  Fears that the government is monitoring your web usage are unfounded.

Kudos to Fort Worth's Ellerbe Fine Foods, named one of the 10 best new restaurants in the country by Bon Appetit magazine.

When I say parfait you probably think dessert.  But that's probably not what they had in mind at the Illinois State Fair when they introduced the Meat-Man Parfait: BBQ pork layered with mashed potatoes with a drizzle of BBQ sauce and topped with a cherry tomato.

...and as often as they do us this service we lay them aside.  --Henry David Thoreau

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