Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two Days After Turkey

ENGRID is an open-source, prism-tet mesh generator for CFD. The NAFEMS World Congress will be held 16-19 June 2009 in Crete. Materialise has release Mimics 12.1 for generating meshes from scanned data. Intelligent Light has updated their web site. If Obama does axe daylight saving time that would be good. The script for Wall-E (warning: s-l-o-w site). Everything you ever wanted to know about math symbols. The top 50 dystopian films of all time. Working Through Screens illustrates ideas for creating productive user experiences through software design. Next time you take a seat, stand up and give them a hand: the World Toilet Organization. (I am especially interested in the World Toilet College.) Metacomp Technologies introduced CSM++ for simulation of fluid-structure interaction. With the gift season upon us, who doesn't need to make tinytags? Does the cast of the new Star Trek movie have the right look? SGI has revamped their Partner Connection. Get your high performance computing news from HPCwire. Know any blondes who need a new keyboard? Do not watch the TV show Manswers. I don't know what it is about toilet seats this week. How to be a programmer. The official web site of HR Giger, the guy who designed the creature for the movie Alien. The sun is really big and really hot. Make your own handheld video games based on the Meggy Jr. Speaking of video games, toggle toggle is amazing. The top 10 James Bond one-liners. Around the world in 116 beers. The Business of Software: network, blog, and wiki. MSC.Software's 2009 conference called VPD 2009 will be held 21-22 April 2009 in Phoenix. Another site for fine dining in Fort Worth: Grace.

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