Saturday, January 16, 2010

I awoke this morning with...

Proof #702 that innovation is not dead: train your lads to stand up with the Peter Potty. Beer is many things to many people. And to some it's soap. Going clubbing tonight? Strap on the solo man bib to impress the ladies. Here's a list of 90 ways for your business to cut costs. Time for the annual Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo - this thing is legendary.

If you've already lost the instructions for that toy you got at Xmas, you might be able to find it at Diplodocs, user manuals and instructions galore. And speaking of toys, this single bottle wine chiller looks awesome; I must have one. Tired of using public keyboards? Here's a design for a personal portable keyboard. The 60 second startup digest. Microsoft's Outlook blog.

If you think the periodic table is cool (as I do), you'll love this database of online periodic tables including some non-traditional versions (for example, the periodic table of Chicago dog condiments.) How fast are men evolving? The modern Y-chromosome is 30% different than that of chimps while the rest of the genome is only 2% different. Why's that you ask? One reason is that the Y is not paired with anything else meaning its evolutionary changes don't get diluted.

From the newsdesk...
  • Materialise released Mimics 13.1 for 3D image processing.
  • OpenCASCADE's CAD Exchanger public beta 2 was released.
  • blueCAPE released gbXML2STL for converting Green Building XML files into STL files.
  • Vero to present geometry validation and healing software at SolidWorks World.
  • Geomagic's Ping Fu participated in the White House Forum on Modernizing Government.
What marketing blogs do marketing execs read? How do you learn Rhino3D? What does the Cranky Product Manager blog about? Heading norte? Leave the chicharrones at home.

I challenge you to the cable connector quiz (my score: 90%). Although the ampersand can be traced back to Latin in the 1st century AD, the word itself didn't get into the dictionary until 1837. Read these facts & more in the history of the ampersand. 20 years of programming distilled into 20 programming lessons. Research and Markets offers their Global MCAD Software Market 2008-2012 in which they predict a rapid recovery of the CAD software market in 2010.

...devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new. --Ralph Waldo Emerson

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