Saturday, August 14, 2010

Horse Bits - Special Travis Edition

Mold-A-Rama machines made sculptures from hot wax.  I remember them from when I was a little boy.  Do you have a favorite toy?

These are blogs on the internet: Victoria YeagerA Little Business, fea-nux.

These are events you could attend: NAFEMS World CongressHuntsville Simulation Conference.  (But ask for permission first!)

Here are two fun things about cartoons: an iPad app, an unfilmed Batman script.

Two companies announced fluid structure interaction capabilities: FLOW-3D and Abaqus.

Those were big words.  Let's pause to relax with kittens.

I like the orange one.  His name is Mr. Winkles.

Pictures of email usage by state and region.

Don Norman wrote a new book.  It should be good.

The boss at ANSYS was on TV.  He said interesting things.  A vice president at Spatial was interviewed for a blog.  He also said interesting things.

I found stuff on the internet for drawing things on a computer.  Here they are.  There are a lot.  Take your time reading this list.
  1. GrabCAD
  2. Alibre Powered
  3. dezineBlog
  4. VCollab
  5. SolidWorks
Five.  That's a lot.  Let's take a break.

Bunnies are nice.  I like their big ears!

Do you like to read books?  You can read about a GPU.

A long time ago engineers liked certain things.  Can you think of things that engineers like today?

Math is hard, but it can help us make cool shapes.  Do you know what else is cool?  The navy has a new boat!

If you have a cell phone from Apple you can put it in a case that looks like breakfast.  But don't eat it ;-)

If you use Facebook at work your boss may get mad.  But it's good to use Facebook for work.  We call this a paradox.  And if you use Twitter, this web site will tell you how long you've been using it in case you forgot.   

Do you need pictures of flags of countries for a school project or to decorate your notebook?  You can get them for free here.

Oh, that was a lot of words.  I am tired again.  How about you?  Let's see some duckies.  Do you like duckies?

The duckies all wait their turn.  The one in front is working hard.  Climb, duckie, climb!

Making software is fun but when you share it with others it's important that they understand that it is good.  Give them a good demo.  Try hard to make sure there are no bugs.  Boo, bugs :-(  And don't say things unless you know they're true.

Would you like a pencil that was like a pen?  That would be great!  Or you could get this computer plug thing for your desk.   Before music came from the computer did you know you could put music on a piece of cardboard?  It's true!

Green Eggs and Ham is a good book.  You would like it.  (I hope you like this blog post too.  I had fun writing it just for you.)


John said...

In case you're wondering, Travis isn't a young nephew or family friend. He's an engineering intern at work, a valuable member of our team. I was having a little fund with him. Good thing he's a good sport.

Teller said...

Hi there, link for the GrabCAD points to some weird google account page. Think you meant :)

John said...

Teller: Thanks for finding that. It's now fixed.