Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors.

Being a JFK assassination buff, I ordered The Kennedy Detail, a new book from the Secret Service agents on JFK's protective detail that day in Dallas, as soon as I heard about it.  The local Border's was sold out so I'm waiting on my Amazon order to arrive.   This book holds the same appeal to me as Evidence Dismissed, the book by the two detectives from the O.J. Simpson trial, Lange and Vannatter.

The official web site of author Tom Zoellner, author of Uranium and The Heartless Stone.  (Be sure to watch the funny interview with Jon Stewart.)

Of course adding bacon makes super tasty popcorn.  Make a stylish philosophical statement with the infinite bacon t-shirt.

Bacon comes in many convenient forms.  Squeeze it from a bottle.  Or drop effervescent bacon tablets into water.

Eight reasons why engineers should spend their free time in a machine shop.  (#3 You can draw a lot of things in Pro/E and SolidWorks that you can't make in the real world.)  (I stay out of machine shops for the same reason I stay out of kitchens - 'nuff said.)
Never lose an online debate again.  Vanquish your foes with the power of your reasoning.  Make the interwebs kneel before Zod.  Apply informal logic to online argumentation.

Save the words like rogalian and drollic.

Without you and me to use them, words like rogalian (of or pertaining to a great fire), drollic (pertaining to puppet shows), and obarmate (to arm against) risk being lost forever.  Save The Words provides a home for lost words and gives you a chance to adopt them to ensure they remain part of our language.  (I wish they tweeted the word of the day.)

Curious about who your first Twitter follower was?  Use   (My first follower was an animation art gallery.)  Although I've never purchased anything on eBay, this is something that has long concerned me: most Disney drawings on eBay are forgeries.  It's so bad there's even a blog, Disney Fakes.

Why isn't Flush Tracker available in the U.S?!?!?!?   It's a Google maps application that shows you the path of your doodie after a flush.  At one time or another we've all wondered about toilet paper from the late 1800s.  Here are some wonderful examples including award-winning Bromo Paper with its disinfectants and curatives.
See red states and blue states change over time from 1920 to 2008 (and learn what isarithmic means).

I don't know what isarithmic means but these animated U.S. maps showing political party affiliation from 1920 to 2008 are interesting.  Quoting directly from the web site "This animated interpretation accentuates certain phenomena: the breadth and duration of support for Roosevelt, the shift from a Democratic to a Republican South, the move from an ostensibly east-west division to the contemporary coasts-versus-heartland division, and the stability of the latter."  Boston is ranked as the world's top city for innovation.  In the U.S, Austin was #9, Dallas/Fort Worth was #21.

Mesh generation in the physical world (aka meat space):  Tessel is a kinetic art installation consisting of an unstructured surface mesh of triangular shaped mirrors.  It is suspended from the ceiling and several motors change the shape of the surface resulting in cool reflections of both sound and light.  Mesh generation as online art (aka cyber space): on the Triangulation Blog be sure to check out Interactive Triangulation.

Add a mustache to any website with Oh Mo.

Where do aircraft go do die?  Check out this photo collection of abandoned airplanes.

When is a penny worth $1.7 million?  When it's a one-of-a-kind 1943-D bronze cent (mistakenly minted on bronze during WWII rather than zinc-coated steel).

I usually ignore infographics but this one caught my attention: an inside look at the bra.  (The modern bra was invented in 1889 by Herminie Cadolle.)   If you wore 4th amendment underwear (underwear with the 4th amendment printed on it with metal infused ink so that it will appear in the new full-body scans) to the airport, do you think TSA would subject you to additional scrutiny?

Draw your own conclusions: scientists find evidence of time before the Big Bang.  For all you Trekkies, Watch Trek is where you can watch all episodes of all Star Trek series online for free.

"Food, like words and ultimately typography, is an essential part of life."  Enjoy the eatphabet - letters made from food.

They don't have to be mean about it - your landing page sucks and 10 examples of ones that don't.  Here's an article that's sure to appeal to a wide audience: how to set HTTP headers for ZIP file downloads.

Perfect use of teh interwebs #732: a dice collection including a two-sided die (yes, 2).

You are probably familiar with the hilarious mockery of PowerPoint using the Gettysburgh Address.  On the other end of the spectrum is this wonderful, black and white, animated version of the Gettysburgh Address.

 Congratulations to Symscape.  A CFD solution computed in their Caedium CFD software was chosen for the cover of Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Fox and McDonald.

Who is Paul Neave and how does he make these cool interactive things?

...Try to be better than yourself.  ~William Faulkner

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