Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mashup Roundup for 2010

I forgot to post two musical links yesterday, both from the wonderful world of mashups.

DJ Earworm released his annual United State of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop the Pop), a 5 minute mashup of Billboard's top 25 songs of 2010.  If you listen to only one mashup a year, this should be it.  There's a video too.

In another salute to pop music mashups, A+D have compiled the Best of Bootie 2010, twenty-three tracks (total time 80 minutes) from DJs around the world (and 10 bonus tracks).  If the idea of mixing Katy Perry with Van Halen interests you, give this a listen.  (A streaming version is available on the site.)


[Note: Some lyrics NSFW]

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