Friday, March 25, 2011

Dick Hill Brings Jack Reacher to Life in Bad Luck and Trouble

Lee Child's Bad Luck and Trouble is the third novel in his Jack Reacher series that I've listened to on audiobook and each time Dick's Hill's voice acting has made all the difference.  I'm certain I'll be listening to more.

Bad Luck and Trouble does not begin subtly - someone gets thrown from a helicopter hovering at 3,000 feet.  Before you know it, Jack Reacher, giant of a man, retired Army major, wizard with numbers, and stoic nomad is called to Los Angeles.  Not to begin an investigation.  Not to solve a crime.  But to take revenge.  The man from the helicopter was friend of his.

Soon Reacher is reunited with his Army team and together they are on the trail of someone whose plans go far beyond just eliminating someone in way of their payday.  From L.A. to Vegas and back again, Reacher and his team try to make something out of nothing.

I can't say enough about Dick Hill's acting.  His voice isn't for everyone.  It takes a little getting used to.  But I can imagine him doing old-style detective novels (which is odd cuz I'm not a fan of detective novels) and I can't imagine anyone else doing Reacher.  His deep, gravely rumble and uneven pacing make the novel that much more enjoyable.

Note to audio book producers: some folks listen to audiobooks in the car during their commute.  Keep this in mind when recording because road noise can mask quieter portions of the book.  Just compress the dynamic range a little - this isn't Stravinsky.

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