Saturday, April 30, 2011

The world today doesn't make any sense...

One blogger's thoughts after 1,000 posts includes "Sooner or later you're going to say something stupid." For me, it was sooner.

Citebite is an interesting tool: you choose some text on a web page and Citebite creates a URL you can send to someone that opens on that page with your selected text highlighted.

 Barbara Takenaga's Arctic (Grid) 2009

Loon alert: calling animals pets is insulting.

As of today, 11.6% of the world still uses Internet Explorer 6.  Let's see what we can do to wipe out this scourge.

From the Animated Geometry Department, a hypotrochoid.

Although I don't like most infographics, here's one on toilet paper including this nugget: the average American spends 30 minutes per year looking for the end of the roll.  And if you want to make your own infographic, here are some free tools to use.

Need a furry and adorable placeholder image?  Use placekitten to get a random image of any size.

Because I bitch a lot about the poor quality audio from an mp3 I decided to take the test at  I got it right (could tell which of two mp3s was the 320 kbps version versus the 128 kbps version).  Now I'm afraid to do it again because I might get it wrong.  The differences were pretty subtle on the shitty built-in speaker on my netbook but it was the vocals that clued me in - the vocals in the high-quality mp3 were a bit more rounded, less thin and edgy.

Proof #111 that innovation is not dead.  How can you resist the urge to run the length of this thing leaving an orange streak?  source
Talk Binary, getting people interested in all things programming.

The Periodic Table of Fictional Materials maps out all your geek elements including Star Wars' carbonite.

Six common blog slip-ups.
  1. Headlines are smaller than 30 pixels.
  2. Images are bad - using none would be better.  (Oddly, the post has no images.)
  3. Opt-in form is ugly.
  4. About page is lame.
  5. Dates on articles document how stale your content is. (I hate blog articles without dates.)

Did you know that Green Eggs and Ham is the result of a bet between author Dr. Seuss and publisher Bennett Cerf that Seuss couldn't write a book using 50 or fewer unique words?  Not only did Seuss win the bet in stunning fashion, GEaH is the 4th highest selling children's book of all time.  (Note: the website linked to looks a little odd to me including its URL.  I don't suggest clicking the links or playing the game they reference.)

Innovation in facial hair - the monkey tail beard.
Social bookmarking site (or as it used to be known, has been sold by Yahoo to AVOS, a company run by the guys who founded YouTube.  If you're a Delicious user, they want you to login and complete a form that gives Yahoo permission to transfer your bookmarks to the new owners.  I have two accounts with Delicious from two attempts to use it personally and professionally.  In the end I didn't find it to be worth the effort.

This article in the Economist about the origin of languages (apparently, they may all have a common origin in central Africa) gave me a headache.

Have you ever seen so many Blackbirds in one place at the same time?  source
More aviation pr0n: Have Blue, Tacit Blue (possibly the ugliest aircraft to ever fly), and Bird of Prey - declassified demonstrator aircraft.

I can only imagine that Hacker Typer is what Hollywood uses to let actors type screens full of gibberish.  Try it for yourself - just press Hack and start typing.
  • You can get an IGES file of the Wigley Hull model here.
  • Beta CAE released ANSA v13.1.3
  • ANSYS started the CFD Insight Leadership Series.
  • Symscape's blog asks the rhetorical question "Is CFD Flawed?" to ensure that someone's lack of success in Formula 1 doesn't tarnish everything.
At first I thought this was some kind of edible Transformers thing but alas, Food Trucks Fort Worth maintains a list and map of all the gourmet food trucks in the city.

Po is my favorite Telletubby.  Edgar Allan's writing?  Meh.  source 
Poor Idaho, it got left off this map of the United States of Good Beer.  In case you have trouble deciding, this infographic answers the question "What should I drink?"  Beer has inspired a lot of inventions, some good, some not so good.

If your digital camera is ever stolen, give Stolen Camera Finder a try.  You give it one of your photos from which it finds your camera's serial number and then searches the web for photos taken with your camera.  (I still have my camera but apparently it doesn't include its serial number in the image files.)

Enjoy the world's largest collection of black markers.

Mutation #1 by Hugo Arcier is "the eruption of a 3D wireframe into reality."
 From the Books I Don't Have Time to Read Department, here are some online books and course notes on technical topics.
If you're a software developer and already know what a Heisenbug is, don't bother reading the Wikipedia page about unusual software bugs.

    Clock fetish revealed.  Bottom row is hours, top 2 rows are minutes.  source

    Tom Hanks is a lot of animals. why should I paint pictures that do?  ~Pablo Picasso


    Francis Shivone said...

    So far:

    1. I bookmarked Citebite

    2. A female co-worker once reproved me for using the phrase, "kill two birds with one stone," because she liked birds. I sh** you not.

    3. I bookmarked the infographics tool. I admit it, I like them.

    4. Multi-colored pee wall. Who could resist. No one.

    5. I liked the Binary blog.

    6. I hope the monkey-tail beard is a joke.

    7. Food trucks: Great idea for a website. I had not seen it, thanks.

    8. I'm always amazed at what people collect.

    John said...


    I expect to see lots of food truck reviews in the near future.

    A co-worker is baffled by the fact that anyone collects anything. He just does not get it. Aristotle had it right - he who hates vices hates mankind.

    Jim said...

    The pee wall [i]is[/i] pretty cool. There are a lot of potential psychological PhD topics waiting.

    11.6% of the world believes we faked the moon landing. Coincidence? (Entirely.)

    John said...

    That urinal wall would be really handy if it could give you real-time urinalysis.