Friday, May 27, 2011

Worth Dying For by Lee Child

I've been reading a lot of Lee Child's novels from his Jack Reacher series and Worth Dying For is one of the latest and one that has Reacher at his Reacher-est.  It's the middle of a Nebraska winter and this retired Army MP and current nomad finds himself helping a drunk doctor make a house call to treat a woman who's been roughed up.  Reacher breaks the husband's nose but that doesn't finish things.  He's kicked over a hornet's nest of trouble because the husband and his relatives are involved in some questionable commerce and the broken nose is the first crack in their grip on this small rural community.

I noticed something interesting about Child's writing style - he has a habit of using similar phrases to describe similar situations throughout the story, but changes the wording slightly each time to fit the circumstances.  Of course, a Reacher novel is full of violent confrontations and the descriptions are slow, detailed, and cringe and squirm inducing - which is awkward when you're listening to the story on audiobook while driving.  One of these events was something Reacher inflicted upon himself.

As usual, Dick Hill's voice acting is excellent.  I can't imagine anyone else doing a Reacher novel.

I know someone who's a Reacher fan and a Nebraskan and I wonder if she'll like Worth Dying For.

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