Saturday, June 11, 2011

Death ends a life...

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet ground round boudin brisket, turkey short loin tri-tip bacon chicken pastrami meatball corned beef tenderloin drumstick venison. Jerky ham hock chicken, tail ground round beef ribs brisket rump corned beef drumstick pork belly tongue boudin flank. Ham ground round andouille pork belly, meatball boudin beef pancetta cow pork loin spare ribs t-bone swine sirloin. Biltong headcheese pork belly pork chop, venison ball tip pork loin. Pancetta meatloaf hamburger jerky shoulder pork belly biltong pork loin, bacon ball tip drumstick pig brisket. Strip steak ham fatback, swine tongue biltong rump t-bone headcheese meatloaf pork chicken turkey ribeye. Headcheese t-bone meatball pastrami flank, swine tongue meatloaf jowl.  This paragraph brought to you by Bacon Ipsum.

Gotta see this: Bacon Cam.  One of the finalists in Instructables' bacon challenge is a bacon guitar.  This is not bacon but a rather nice campfire sculpture made using bratwursts.

Fluid Painter is only one of the interactive experiments you'll find at Escape Motions.
Videos worth watching - I'd love to get more of the original art from Victory Through Airpower, a World War 2 era film produced by Walt Disney.  It's worth 7 minutes of your time to watch art imitating art imitating art as a live orchestra provides the soundtrack of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen to Chuck Jones' epic animation What's Opera, Doc?  For my outer space loving friends, here's a cool video created from still photos of Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft.

The results are in: here are the winners of the 7th annual Best Illusion of the Year contest.  I would like to nominate that website for the Ugliest Website of the Year contest.

Use to change an image into text.
Stirring the pot: 30% of surveyed companies will definitely or probably drop employer-sponsored health coverage when provisions of health care reform take effect in 2014.

What happens when you put composer Philip Glass together with Sesame Street?  You get a nice little music video called Geometry of Circles.

Via the Booze Dancing blog, here's a guide to pronouncing the names of Scotches like "Bruichladdich."  One might say Scotch tastes like it sounds - to be polite, "funky."  A collection of vintage cheese labels.

Hear "Art is an intellectual greased pig" and other gems in this talk by painter Wayne Thiebaud.
Watch this video of Pe Lang's installation Positioning Systems I - Falling Objects, in which an automated machine uses a pipette to place perfect water droplets on a omniphopic surface.

The list of 50 things every graphic design student should know is a little limiting because they apply to people who aren't students and professions other than graphic design.  I like #2: There is always someone better, or as Qui-Gon Jinn said "There's always a bigger fish."   I don't really like #33: There's no such thing as a bad client.  Apparently the author hasn't seen (The Customer Is) Not Always Right.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who never noticed this gas cap holder was there.
Check out this gallery of the best of behind the scenes photographs including Alien, Dr. Strangelove, and Mothra.

Microsoft has an exclusive deal to block any sale of more than 30% of Nvidia?  More FUD from Microsoft: "developers targeting Windows 8 would be using HTML5 and Javascript and some kind of new software development kit."  Want to win $20,000?  You've got until the end of June to enter Tech Briefs' Design the Future Contest.

This bikini brings together (and pushes up) two (3?) of my favorite things: boobs and 3D printing.  We're working on a 3D printer interface for our software and now I fully appreciate the possibilities.
I've had a Javascript book sitting here for over a week.  Maybe I'll be motivated to read it by this article from a Javascript hater who thinks everyone needs to learn Javascript in the next year.

Guy Kawasaki wants you to be enchanting.  How?  He offers twelve ways including "Always be likable" (oops).

Use the BARF Scale (BAxter Retching Faces) to indicate how this week's blog post has left you feeling.  From "Development and Validation of a Pictorial Nausea Rating Scale for Children."

...not a relationship.  ~Robert Benchley


Jim said...

Regarding Scotches: my first startup used single malt projects names: Glen Fiddich, Glen Morangie, Glen Kinchie... Best company culture I've had.

JavsScript does seem to be gaining traction with libraries like jQuery. I would be interested if you find the book useful. The one I have from O'Reilly, arguably an old edition, is an example of what I hate in technical books: page bloat from an urge to document everything. Of course, I think, Kernigan + Ritchie's "C Programming Language" is the ideal model: show me the syntax, give me some good, working examples, and I'll figure out the rest.

I leave you with the bacon bra.

John said...

(This is my 3rd attempt at this comment, trying to work around "service unavailable" issues.)

The launch parties for your scotch-based projects must have been well lubricated.

Unfortunately, the Javascript book I have it the O'Reilly book. (I borrowed it.) And I agree that K&R is an excellent book.

As for the bacon bra, uncooked bacon is kinda gross and now those boobs need washing.

Francis Shivone said...

The water droplets. Do you know if they evaporate as whole droplets or diffuse and then evaporate? Fascinating video.

I spent my life working with graphic artists. I have a different list.

Loved the What's Opera Doc.

My sister, an HR person, recently told me the exact same thing about her company and insurance policies. The savings for them would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

John said...

I really don't know what would happen to the droplets. Part of me thinks the surface tension would hold them together so they'd shrink to nothing while another part thinks they'd shrink and then get unstable and fall apart.

Chuck Jones' work is wonderful - simplicity hiding complexity, humor hiding intelligence. That's why I collect his work.

Healthcare is a terrible mess because the gov't decided to get involved. I don't want to get off on a rant.

Francis Shivone said...

John -- healthcare is a mess and going to get worse. Maybe I'm throwing raw meat into the den but, my sister's point was "why should I pay a lot of money for a company-wide policy when the gov'ts fines are a lot less."

Also, look for mass exodus of age 50+ MD's after 2014. Ain't no way they're gonna make the transition.

If you were to force me to bet, I'd bet the surface tension is released at some evaporation point and the droplets diffuse. Just a guess.

John said...

What's even stranger is when I talk to my own doctor, he's taking steps to keep his staffing level below 50 so that certain provisions of health care reform don't apply to him. A doctor operating as a businessman.

One of my main problems is that, as of last year at least, a lot of the details of HCR hadn't yet been defined. That's how things like the 1099 requirement (hence repealed) get into HCR. In other words, they know what they want to accomplish but they have no idea how they're going to do it - a pesky detail left for later.

That's as much of your bait as I'll take ;-)