Saturday, February 4, 2012

We promise according to our hopes...

If you enjoy music and like intelligent discussions about music, check out

This review of Philip Glass isn't exactly favorable when it ends with "But he is less craftsman than musical trucker, tirelessly eating up the road." Drink yourself from the Glass with Koyaanisquatsi.

I've found the source of my headaches.
Did all you Rush fans geek out on 01 Feb 2012 (2.1.12) with your favorite tunes from Rush's 2112 album?

I like the last lines of this review of Writers and Their Books, another look at paper and ink versus e-books. "If our books are our second bodies, dissolution is inevitable. What is hard to imagine is a future in which we have no bodies at all."

Where ham comes from. More specifically Prosciutto di Parma.
Why do half of incoming engineering majors fail to graduate with an engineering degree? If I read this NYT article correctly it's because incoming students are all hyped-up on engineering because they've been told there's a shortage of engineers and engineers make lots of money. However, after beginning their college careers they find out that engineering is hard and takes a lot of work. So they're either lazy or stupid and change majors. Another interesting factoid: all students appear to have gotten lazier as the average study time per week has dropped from 40 hours (1961) to 27 hours (2003).

Warning: This video contains hardcore software nerd humor. Your enjoyment will likely be much much less than the audience's.

Just a little Formula 1 racing history.

Just in time for Valentine's Day - the Pupeko anti-aging mouthpiece
This still baffles me. In Argentina, a country known for its fantastic beef, all steaks are cooked bien cocido (well done). Fortunately, the flavor of the grass-fed beef doesn't suffer. Argentinians find the typical American medium or medium rare steak to be uncooked.

Laser. Guided. Bullets.

Slate proposes five changes to the keyboard.
  1. Get rid of CAPS LOCK. [I'm OK with that.]
  2. Add an em-dash. [If you don't know the difference between a hyphen, a minus sign, an em-dash, and an en-dash then you probably won't care about this one. I know I don't.]
  3. Put the ! and the ? on the same key. [Don't get this one at all.]
  4. Create a new button with @ and .com. [Not worth it.]
  5. Get rid of Insert. [Agree. I've never used it intentionally but often unintentionally to my chagrin.]
While not a huge fan of cats, I am a huge fan of the movie Alien. So Jonesy the cat's perspective on the "giant hairless cat" and the other goings on in the Nostromo is kinda fun.

Beer drinkers: check out Cans of the Month from Rusty Cans. Beer-gamer combo fans: check out this BioShock themed home brew called Brow Sweat.

I've seen a lot of weird stuff on teh interwebs but this blog post about the market for boneless pork rectums pegs the weird scale. Oddly, this is on a blog about statistics.
Interested in carpentry? Being a lookout? A journalist? How about pistol marksmanship? Our military has a manual for all of that and more.

If you have $75,000 (shipping extra) burning a hole in your pocket get on over to eBay and bid on NASA's vehicle power interface used for testing the Hubble Space Telescope.

Take 3 minutes to enjoy this animated history of aviation.

This film from 1930 demonstrates various types of mechanical device movements. Or you can watch pencils being sharpened.

A newly discovered contemporary copy of Mona Lisa (right) may help scholars learn more about the original (left).
Believe it or not, I found one online site this week that I simply won't include here. Even I have standards. Low, but standards nonetheless.

...and perform according to our fears. ~Fran├žois de la Rochefoucauld

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