Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm not stupid...

Everything you need to know about man can be learned by studying Apes. One part may explain teh interwebs: anonymity favors competition, transparency favors cooperation.

A World of Apps - An interactive world map comprised of over 6,800 app logos.
This huge collection of photos from the '07 Nellis AFB Aviation Nation show is one of the best I've seen.
Judge for yourself when you read Inc. magazine's list of 8 core beliefs of extraordinary Bosses.

For my Beer-swilling friends, store 30 cases and 4 kegs in this walk-in beer cooler.
I know someone who might actually like this pancake and Bacon bedspread.

Jack Charles is the new fragrance from Royal Lifestyle for creepy old perverts like me. (Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.) I had been told by a real female person that Acqua di Gio was the one the ladies couldn't resist. Now there are two.

It's easy to do the little unimportant things we know how to do instead of important things we're not so sure about. Or so says John Cleese in his 5 factors for creativity: Space, Time, Time, Confidence, and a 22 inch waist. I love what he says about the difference between seriousness and solemnity.

You too may be incredulous. "This is the first time anyone has measured stratified towers of bird Droppings." Digging through this poo could prove to be a research goldmine - and therefore, I shan't wash my car.

If you don't like people watching while you surf the web you probably shouldn't click on Aye Eyes.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a video of a terrible way to remember the periodic table of the Elements. This three year old doesn't need it - she sings the whole thing.

If you like both the movie The Fifth Element (and who doesn't) and a nice beer you need to buy this t-shirt for Five Elements Amber Ale - "Brewed by the Mondoshawans since time began."

Watching this video makes me think the inventor of the Football helmet was nuts.

No clue: Grow a Face.

Sweden is the most gender-equal country in the world. (applause) But they've jumped the shark with the creation of a Gender-neutral pronoun hen (as opposed to han (he) or hon (she)). 

You can't buy the box set anymore (the edition of 500 is sold out) but you can still buy the download of In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes from 12k records. (Hardcore fans of ambient only, please.)

DARPA's Hypersonic Technology Vehicle HTV-2 crashed into the ocean because when you're flying at 13,000 mph the vehicle's skin gets really hot, so hot that parts of it started to burn away making continued flight unstable.

The saddest thing about the World Happiness Report (yes, the U.N. commissioned such a thing) is that it's virtually indecipherable.

Information is Beautiful Awards 2012 offers a $30,000 prize pool for outstanding information visualization. If the money isn't enough to get you to enter, Brian Eno is one of the judges.

One in ten men would prefer a new iPad over a girl. A new low.

Installator is an excellent use of Tumblr. It's a photo blog of artworks being installed.
A moderately interesting poster of 50 years of James Bond is for sale.

Back in 1982 Atari was thinking about an Intelligent Encyclopedia (sounds quaint). They had Disney animator Glen Keane sketch their ideas about how it might be used.

It's no secret that I can't photograph my way out of a dark room. But perhaps this new "light field" camera called Lytro can help. They claim you can focus after the fact. I wonder if you can put back in all the heads I chop off?

As I sit here listening to Marconi Union's CD Distance, what are the odds I'd be reading this article about how Marconi Union's song Weightless is the most relaxing song ever? Be sure to check out the list of the top 10 most relaxing songs.

Motley Fool shares 50 "amazing" numbers about the economy. #21. Netflix is now responsible for about one third of all internet bandwidth. All you jerks downloading Dude, Where's My Car? are the reason teh interwebs are so slow!

If life gives you melons, you may be dyslexic.

Proving there's a website for everything,

I didn't know Lake Erie was so shallow, relatively speaking, as illustrated in this cartoon of lake and ocean depths.
Instead of the oceans themselves, you might be more interested in this visualization of ocean shipping.

Or x-rays of creatures from the ocean.

You've heard of the book Freakonomics, well here's Pooponomics - the economy of poop. Did you know the average American uses 40 rolls of toilet paper each year?

Another excellent use of Tumblr is this collection of out-of-context drawings from patents

Two excellent Prometheus teasers. First is a video advertisement for David, Weyland Industries' latest humanoid robot. Second is a TEDtalk from Weyland Industries' founder who gives off a creepy Steve Jobs vibe.

What you need are some Super Mario Quilts.

Scientific American's Math Rules column isn't taking the subject of equations that changed the world too seriously.

As this article says, "a lot of fans are disgusted by the idea of a new [Three Stooges] movie." Count me among them. Learning that when a new film was first proposed 15 years ago the starring roles might have been played by Sean Penn, Benicio del Toro, and Jim Carrey doesn't help. (Jim Carrey is the same guy who did a disservice to the Grinch.) But you can still enjoy a brief history of the Three Stooges and later we can share favorites. (Shemp vs. Curly anyone?)

Some of you are going to get lost for hours in this high resolution interactive photo of the Space Shuttle Discovery's cockpit.
There are lots of ways to die. But having your Testicles squeezed isn't one of the better ones. 

The lack of  American-made premium men's Underwear is so obvious that a Kickstarter project has already received pledges totaling over $100,000 versus a goal of only $30,000. "Luxuriously rugged yet refined."

The Visualizing Data blog brings us the best of the visualization web for March 2012, Part 1 and Part 2.

A spinning rope creates wave motions and sounds interactively with the audience in Waves, and art installation by Daniel Palacios.

This is disgusting. $5.99 for soap?! source
There's a government procedure for everything, including Obliterating Animal Carcasses with Explosives.

Your Infinite Painting is neither infinite nor painting. But try it anyway.

Time to relax. Zzzzzzz.

...I'm just incredibly unlucky when it comes to thinking.

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