Monday, May 28, 2012

Given the same amount of intelligence...

Special holiday edition!

Today's soundtrack is Woven Tide by From The Mouth of the Sun. Hope you don't mind a little drone.

Best image I've seen on the web in a long time. Glass. Gem. Corn.
Animated GIFs are the fast food of online imagery, but this Tumblr celebrates them anyway: Born in 1987: The Animated GIF.

Certainly I've mentioned before that I was in the last of my high school's graduating classes who had to learn to use the slide rule. Now I look at this virtual Pickett N4-ES slide rule simulator and just scratch my head trying to remember how it worked.

Freakin' laser beams, man. Let's just hope they don't end up on this list of twelve secret weapons that failed. (For the record, the XB-70 does not belong on this list.)

You can paper craft all weekend with these paper models of polyhedra. Ditrigonal Icosidodecahedron anyone?

Yes, we all remember Count Chocula and Boo Berry. But how many of you remember Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy? Cereal monsters are awesome but just try to imagine the kind of fun my sophomoric brain can have with Fruit Brute.
Who knew? Kodak had themselves a nuclear reactor for neutron radiography.

Movie trivia. You've seen her in Aliens as the tough Pvt. Vasquez. And in Terminator 2 she was John Connor's stepmother. You've also seen her, perhaps without knowing it, in Titanic as the Irish Mommy. But do you know what actress Jenette Goldstein is up to now? She's the proprietor of Jenette Bras for full-figured gals. Gotta love their tagline: The Alphabet Starts at D.

It's only mentioned briefly at the end of this interview with director Ridley Scott, but he's in talks about a sequel to Blade Runner.

I would so buy this Alien Pez dispenser.
Is this guy serious or a prankster? He wants to build a real starship Enterprise from Star Trek starting now, over 20 years, for $1 trillion.

And here is the best of the visualization web: Part 1 and Part 2.

The most popular birth date is 16 September proving why everyone's so happy leading up to Christmas.
For my male beer drinking friends, this may be the woman of your dreams: The Beeroness. She cooks and bakes with craft beer. For the Guinness drinkers among you, here's the Guinness QR pint glass. When filled with Guinness, the glass displays a working QR code.

One of those crossover things I like: maps + literature = Brit Lit Map. It's a map of Britain drawn by the names of authors positioned by where they came from.

You gotta play TWITCH - a series of tiny browser based games that use the mouse only. (The page says it's for Chrome only but it appears to work in Firefox.)

We've all had nights like this. Right? source
Mildly amusing: build your own frankfurter with freaky franks.

Did you know someone was trying to make a free software replacement for Windows? It's called ReactOS.

An interactive Voronoi diagram. Just try it.

...timidity will do a thousand times more damage than audacity. ~von Clausewitz

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