Saturday, August 4, 2012

No eulogy is due to him...

What do I have in common with an Italian water polo player and a Romanian Judo-ist? Find out yourself with the Olympian body match.

I would totally watch this. source
There once was a sub off Nantucket
who spied a lagging tanker and sunk it.
Captain said with a frown
as depth charges brought the U-550 down
"Gonna scuttle the ship boys. Fuck it."

Do you like The Wizard of Oz? Do you like Gary Busey? Then you'll love... this.

Poetry Corner: Fish's Night Song by Christian Morgenstern (1905). source
The possibilities are interesting. 3D printing the lower receiver of an AR-15.

NASA wants future lunar visitors to steer clear of Lunar Heritage Sites including scientifically important bags of poo.

Finally! A female-friendly bra joke. source
A brief note from Tchaikosvsky on how work must meet inspiration halfway.

The only thing that doesn't make sense about the Amazing Shit Box is why the mascot's name is Little Jack. source
Women wearing bikinis control robots wearing bikinis - where else - in Japan.

Would you stand directly below the detonation at 18,500 feet of a 2 kt nuclear missile fired from an F-89? These Army guys did in 1957.

Must have these Alien-inspired chopsticks. source
How about this replica helmet from Alien made by Myth Busters' Adam Savage?
Runways are hard to tell apart from the air which is presumably why a C-17 landed at Peter O. Knight airport instead of MacDill AFB. Enjoy the videos, especially the landing which used all but 10 feet of runway. Lucy, you got some splaining to do.

Disasterland is Disney like you've never seen it.
Maybe the C-17 pilots would've benefited from Boeing's new pilot's helmet (Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System) debuted on the F-15 Silent Eagle.

OK Philly peeps, it's time for you to step up for this Philly Cheesesteak Ice Cream.
I must admit that I really enjoy the James Bond films since Daniel Craig took the lead role. Watch the trailer for Skyfall.

Did you like Prometheus? Cuz the sequel is already in works for 2014 or 2015.

It's what's for dinner. source
...who simply does his duty and nothing more. ~Saint Augustine


Francis Shivone said...

1. What is it about the Japanese sexual interests that weirds me out?

2. I like the new James Bond as well. I saw Goldfinger in the movie theater when I was about 13 and a whole new world opened up to me.

3. I'll pass on the cheesesteak ice cream.

As always, good stuff.

John said...

1. There is just something about the fringes of Japanese culture that are fascinating. I can't explain why they do the things they do.

2. James Bond is like the Three Stooges. All males should like them. All males should feel like they're 13 again when watching them. But seriously, the grittier James Bond is appealing.

3. Where's your sense of adventure?