Saturday, April 6, 2013

To respond to life as though it were perfect...

About Berserk!, Jazz World calls it "a variety of hypnotic grooves, clever coordination of instrumentation and provocative eruptions of metal-based sonic chaos." I'm listening to it now and those words point us in the right direction but don't get us all the way there.

If that ain't your thing, perhaps an entire album of improvisational Chapman stick, touch guitar, and drums: OPEN by Stick Men.

"Perhaps, then, King Crimson's greatest accomplish has been to promote and encourage a bold vision of artistic egalitarianism not previously seen in rock music." This and more from a master's thesis on New Concepts of Form in the Improvisations and Compositions of King Crimson.

Or maybe just ask Tony Levin what music is - non-verbal communication from one's inner self to another's inner self. On a related note, check out Three Pieces.

Aerial photo of Boston from October 1860 and a height of 2,000 feet. This is the oldest surviving aerial photo because the ones taken in 1858 of Paris have been lost to time.
Deep breath. Hold it. Release it slowly. The speed of light may not be a constant.

There are a lot of videos this week but you shouldn't miss this one: watch magnetic putty swallow a rare earth magnet.

I use this cutting board periodically.
J.T. O'Donnell does 10 things every workday. I read the list and think, sure that's reasonable, sounds like good stuff. Then I wonder when she gets real work done. #3 Send two emails to old colleagues just to keep in touch. #6 Have a short non-work related convo with every [emphasis mine] employee. #9 Make five valuable posts on each social media account. [It's odd that the items I cited are 3, 6, 9 - multiples of 3.

This is one of those obscure references that will come in handy some day: 156 useful Run commands for Windows.

I was a big fan of Ze Frank's The Show years ago and was really excited when he recently returned to online video with A Show but frankly was disappointed. However, now I've discovered his True Facts series of videos and am back on the happy train. Here are True Facts about the Dung Beetle, the Hedgehog, the Naked Mole Rat,  the Fruit Bat, and many more. And Morgan Freeman.

Other people can smell your emotions. (I wonder what bat shit crazy smells like?)

The Long Now Foundation is hooking up sci-fi authors and engineers for their Hieroglyph project to illustrate when "Big Stuff Got Done."

A 2011 entry from Princeton's annual Art of Science competition showing the interaction between two swimming fish. The entry deadline for 2013 has already passed. I encourage more universities to do this.
Video, abstract, animation, Japanese, music, linguistics, almost white on black, almost black on white. All describe Kou Kou.

Video, abstract, animation, chemical, white on black. All describe All Along the Skeletal Chemical.

I haven't golfed in decades but a hovercraft golf cart could get me back on the course. (The video was published on April 2nd so it's serious, right?)

Would college English be better or worse if the professor was Nabokov?

Speaking of good reading, the NSA has declassified and made available online their in-house newsletter Cryptolog, from1974 to 1997.

Topless beer can.

Yes, there is a photo blog devoted to actresses without teeth.

Russians? Check. Drunk? Check. Fight over a woman? Check. Kill someone by shoving your foot up their ass? Wha...?

That's OK, I never wanted to visit Sri Lanka anyway. Venomous, tree-dwelling, face-sized spiders discovered in Sri Lanka. (How are we only discovering that thing now? How did we miss it up to this point?)

Airplane toilets, aka "the lav." Have you ever wondered what happens after you press Flush?

Seal flipper pie. It's what's for dinner.
Goat mixes. So yesterday. Relive the best 23 goat remixes teh interwebs has to offer.

Huzzah! We're #3. Fort Worth is the third least sexy city in the USA, that is.

What? It's art. He's making a statement.
And this is commerce. the path to happiness. ~Agnes Martin (paraphrased)


Francis Shivone said...

On the speed of light: Isn't there a word in science that denotes that a variance is so small that it proves the point of the thesis it has just disproved? (serious question)

Magnetic putty. You're right, that is amazing.

BTW, are you using a tablet yet? The Zite magazine/news app is good, if you are.

No comment on the toothless . . .

Love the hovercraft.

The topless beer can reminded me of the Piels or Schlitz wide mouth bottle we used to get when I was a kid.

John said...

Perhaps the word you seek is infinitesimal. However, because what we're talking about concerns length scales from the quantum to the cosmological, the difference is significant.

No tablet yet. My Dell netbook is my main at-home computing device.