Saturday, July 27, 2013

Depression is rage...

Mike Oldfield (he of Tubular Bells fame and Exorcist soundtrack fame) is interviewed on Innerviews.
The sun as viewed at different wavelengths. source
News flash: the Rocky and Bullwinkle statue on Sunset Blvd. has been removed for restoration.

You used it before so now use it again for the first time. The Restricted Data blog (about nuclear secrecy) brings us NUKEMAP2 and NUKEMAP3D. A sample of what you can get from NUKEMAP2 is shown below. NUKEMAP3D requires Google Earth which I don't have.

NUKEMAP2 simulation of a Russian SS-25 800 kt airburst over Fort Worth showing blast and fallout effects. Estimated casualties are 80,000 killed and 150,000 injured.
The chances of moving up to the next tax bracket seem to depend on where you live.

More C code than you can shake a stick at - source code from the book Programming Challenges.

The world's worst saddest sorry ass rave party ever. I laughed too much at this.
What is the oldest webcam in existence? It's the FishCam, formerly at Netscape, since 1994.

You can never have too many websites for tracking the location of the International Space Station. And while you watch it circumnavigate the globe, marvel at the contents of one of its toolboxes.

What does the earth look like from nearly 900 million miles away? But that's just a raw image. The one below is much cooler.

Earth is photobombing Saturn and its rings.
Presenting Your Video Interlude

  • Around Saturn is a video montage of still shots and video footage of Saturn as taken by Cassini.
  • Continuing the recent trend of craftmanship pr0n, here's how a Steinway piano is made.
  • I.F. Sentinel is the movie site for Ender's Game.
  • Monolith is a brief tribute to Stanley Kubrick.
  • The ACT Collaboration consists of music by the Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne and animation by Ba Hons CG Arts and Animation.
  • I'm not certain how Peter Gabriel is involved but a chimpanzee plays keyboards.
  • Chemistry releases the freakin' Kraken by burning ammonium chromate and mercury thiocianate.

El Fin

And now, nothing but pictures.

At first you think this is something cops use for gun shot wounds. Then you say it's crap. Why don't the calibers line up? Why all the drama on the exit wounds around the edges? Wouldn't you just need a circle of representative size. There's no scale for inches/centimeters. Why two graphics, why not one graphic with two rows? And I suspect an .45 caliber exit wound would be larger than what's depicted.

Make diagrams by typing simple sentences using Diagrammr.

Sculpt clay online using SculptGL.

I link to this news story for the sole reason that it includes the phrase "malicious fecal distribution."

...spread thin. ~George Santayana


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