Saturday, November 9, 2013

Boing, We'll Do It Live! by The Aristocrats

These three prog rockers
give an awesome performance
with a grin and wink.

Boing is everything a live album should be: spontaneous, genuine, masterful, and fun.

The Aristocrats are Guthrie Govan (guitar), Marco Minnemann (drums), and Bryan Beller (bass).

Boing, We'll Do It Live was recorded in 2012 in San Pedro at the Alvas Showroom. The 2-CD album has 15 tracks.

Disc 1: Bad Asteroid, Greasy Wheel, Boing!... I'm In The Back, Flatlands, I Want A Parrot, Blues Fuckers, Waves

Disc 2: Get It Like That, Furtive Jack, Train Trax, Cave Dweller, Mr. Kempinski, Dance Of The Aristocrats, A Very Metal Introduction, Sweaty Knockers

You can get a taste of their work by watching them perform at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival in 2012 in the video below. (Elsewhere the band has commented that they think it's funny they're sometimes categorized as a jazz band.)

Here's where you can find the band online.

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