Saturday, December 21, 2013

Painting is silent poetry...

Thanks to the musical archeology of a friend (Walker) I can share this 1982 live performance by Harold Budd of Children on the Hill.

Mumpbeak - Roy Powell makes a Hohner Clavinet make sounds not thought possible. And this video of the Berserk! movie will make you appreciate that band's name.

I had never heard of Temari Spheres but these embroidered creations are pretty cool.
Fort Worth magazine compiled their list of the 25 best new restaurants in Fort Worth and their list raised some red flags for me. I know a lot of people love Rodeo Goat but their burgers just don't do it for me. The other at which I've eaten, Torchy's, was a mixed bag. One time I really didn't enjoy my taco at all, but admittedly I ordered one of the more non-traditional varities. During my second visit I kept to the traditional taco path and found it quite good. They include Il Cane Rosso even though it hasn't opened yet. And one joint on the list - to remain unnamed - pissed me off when they simply stopped responding to my emails regarding a possible catering deal.

But if you want good Tex-Mex in Fort Worth, go to Benito's.

How to reinvent yourself after 50. (Being active on social media is no longer optional.)

This video of Budapest's book fountain has been making the rounds.

I discovered a new art blog: Abstract Critical.

Pablo Picasso, L'Homme au Gibus (Man with Opera Hat), 1914
Did you see they were raffling off a Picasso worth $1 million for €100 a ticket? I thought for more than a few minutes about whether to buy the ticket but couldn't pull the trigger. A man in Pennsylvania won.

Science works in mysterious ways. What's the first thing you think of when you consider emotional over-eating? The breasts, of course. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to create a smart bra that detects emotional overeating. Next they will invent sock garters that detect sexual arousal.

NASA's Juno spacecraft got some nice photos of the earth and moon during a flyby and those photos have been compiled into a cool video.

And Cassini spies Saturn's mysterious Peggy. Not a euphemism.

Know yer TIE Fighters.
 I'm not very British. How about you?

There's a guy at work who finds every typo I make in our work blog (after publishing, of course). I bet he wishes I'd read these proofreading tips.

This investment advice for 2014 is all over the place. Which is kinda what you'd expect.

It seems I'll be seeing Disney's Mr. Banks next week so this list of things you may not know about Mary Poppins is timely. #6 Julie Andrews got the part of Mary Poppins after she was rejected for the lead in My Fair Lady.

Speaking of tips, will these help me get to 200,000 Twitter followers? (One more and I'll get to 300!)

I was skeptical of what I'd find in this list of football facts but was surprised to learn that all NFL footballs are made in Ada, Ohio.

This takes Dan Flavin to a new level. Yochai Matos installs fluorescent lights in unusual places.
Just say "no" to drum pants.

...and poetry is painting that speaks. ~Plutarch


Francis Shivone said...

Thanks for the link to the FW new restaurants. As a 30+ year resident who remembers when one new restaurant was a big thing I am happy to see this development. I love a good bowl of Posole so I think I'll try Tina's first. I'll get to less than half of the others but Il Cane Rosso still does the Times Ten Cellars a night or two a week and I like their pizza. I'll definitely try the new burger place and the BBQ. And I'm with you on Benitos, as a matter of fact, we'll be there tomorrow with some friends visiting and looking for good Mexican food.

Francis Shivone said...

My wife is British and she got "Probably an American"

John said...

I took a real Mexican to Benito's and he really enjoyed their posole. But oddly, now that Magnolia has a ton of new restaurants I'm eating out a lot less for lunch. Same excuse I had with downtown restaurants.