Saturday, February 14, 2015

Endless City/Concrete Garden by Roger Eno & Plumbline

An album with two
names, competing visions of
tempo and rhythm.

For an album of ambient soundscapes, Endless City/Concrete Garden by the pair of Roger Eno and Plumbline (aka Will Thomas) is rife with tension. To this ear it's as though Eno's piano is one's public face - serene, flowing, clear - with Plumbline's percussive, pulsing effects a muted cacophony of nearly suppressed inner thoughts. (At least that's how I imagine them splitting the duties.)

For a view less psychological, the effect is like a precision timepiece with sweep second hand while beneath the face, tiny machinations give time its pulse.

The overall effect is one of fine balance, of depth, and a slightly maddening mystery as the two halves compete for dominance.

Try a taste for yourself with Pulling Strings.

Roger Eno's website is and Plumbline's is

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