Saturday, December 12, 2015

All empty souls...

From the "I didn't know you could do that" department, listen to Wikipedia.

Nominations for the 43rd Annie Awards (for animated films) have been posted and Inside Out, Shaun the Sheep, and The Good Dinosaur are up for best feature film. Pixar has record 25 nominations. And you can see clips from the Sundance film festival's animated short nominees.

Fan of ambient guitar soundscapes? Check out wajobu's Searching for Sound.

Barbara Hepworth, Small One, Two, Three (Vertical), 1975. I've finally been seduced by a sculptor.
Run to your attic (or your mom's attic) and start searching for a Mickey Mantle rookie baseball card because one just sold for over a quarter million dollars.

Tom Peters shares with us The Works, his 14 chapter, 250 page, 50,000 word book (in PowerPoint format) on excellence. (I'd like to hear Edward Tufte's thoughts on this document and Tom's rebuttals.)

Disney + B-17 = nose art
We've all written scholarly articles. But we're apparently not reading any. A study shows that half of all "academic" papers are read by only 3 people and 90% of journal papers never get cited.

The same appears to be true for the infamous white paper.

For the first time, the folks at Pantone give us TWO colors of the year for 2016: rose quartz and serenity (i.e. pink and blue) that they call a "soothing sense of order and peace."

Every LEGO color ever produced. source
Science answers the questions you only dare consider in the dark of night such as why have men been shown to eat nearly twice as much as normal when in the presence of women?

Is your alma mater on Forbes' list of America's top 50 colleges? Mine is not.

Why can't we have highway underpasses that look like these from The Netherlands?
Keep forgetting how your 3rd cousin twice removed is related to you? Check out this handy relationship chart.

And now, 10 hours of musical, marching, animated cats.

Or for something R-rated, a supercut from the cinema of actors saying "shove it up your ass."

As an apology for that last link, play with these fractal gears.

...tend toward extreme opinions. ~Yeats

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