Saturday, May 28, 2016

True nobility lies in...

Google Chrome messed up my bookmarks again so I'm having to spend time sorting through them and figuring out why a bookmark I archived months ago is now back in my current bookmark list - and repeated multiple times. Granted, when I export bookmarks out of Chrome to HTML the resulting file is 50 MB. But I would prefer it not do this. So today's post is another uncategorized link dump. (Isn't that what it always is?)

Joel Shapiro's sculptures are currently on display at the Nasher in Dallas. Anyone want to go?
Here's a nice video interview with Frank Stella about his 60-year retrospective, currently on display in Fort Worth.

Use Linify to recreate any image as line art.
Google's Tilt Brush and Virtual Art Sessions.

Also from Google is Art Camera, preserving works of art with ultra-high resolution images.

If you thought there were only four fundamental forces (gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear) you might be surprised to know there might be a fifth.

Clyfford Still's paintings were so impactful on the 20th century art world despite the fact that only 6% of them were outside his estate at the time of his death. Take 7 minutes with this video to find out how and why.
Well, they discovered yet another species of dinosaur.

Craft pr0n: wood turning (i.e. wordworking on a lathe). One nice touch in the video is the parallel between sawdust falling inside the studio while snowflakes fall outside.

Visually learn about flags of the world at Flag Stories.

Find music albums by their dominant cover color with Predominantly.

...being superior to your formal self. ~Ernest Hemingway

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