Saturday, June 25, 2016

No one lies so boldly...

Longitude and latitude are so last century. With what3words, any three-meter squared plot of land on the planet can be addressed with a unique combination of three words. For example, angers.class.wakes.

Pie chart of the world's spoken languages.
"Name your price" (including $0) music from Markus Reuter: How Things Turned Out.

In other music news, jazz fusion band Brand-X will start a reunion tour later this year.

Ever wonder where your favorite food originated? Use this interactive map to find out.
I think I posted a version of this before but it's still cool. An interactive world map of lightning strikes, with a little audible click for each strike. I suppose this is for weather geeks only.

Favorite quote from this article: "Every week that Donald Trump remains the Republican nominee, the party comes closer to removing itself from the presidential gene pool." Trump is repugnant.

Star Wars geeks: it's confirmed that James Earl Jones will voice Darth Vader in Rogue One.

Bluegrass, with his 10 foot horns, may soon be coming to the Fort Worth herd. is the self-proclaimed greatest cheese resource. Let's see, mimolette? Yep.

Swiss Army Man is like a virtual "Weekend at Bernie's." But if you watch the trailer for this movie, it gets even weirder.

From the Department of Misleading Titles comes "There's a Mysterious Sound Coming From The Carribean That's So Loud It Can Be Heard From Space."
  • It's not a mystery. It's the Rossby Whistle caused by planetary waves pushing east to west across the ocean that build up and resonate when they reach the partially Carribean.
  • They can't actually be heard because they're below the threshold of human hearing. 
  • In outer space, the phenomenon is detected as gravity field oscillations. the man who is indignant. ~Friedrich Nietzsche (This explains teh interwebs, realm of self-righteous indignation.)

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