Saturday, December 27, 2008

All of the virtues I dislike...

Bacon makes everything better and makes web sites better, like this one. New stuff for Rhino: Datakit's CAD translator and T-Splines. Part 2 of of Desktop Engineering's feature on the future of MCAD. See 24 hours of worldwide air traffic in this 1 minute video. If you like your sushi big and plush, ThinkGeek has something for you. This new version of Breakout is damn near impossible. Fly through airports quickly and painlessly using Clear, the registered traveler program. The FAA's flight delay web site. Cenaero, Centre of Excellence in Aeronautical Research, is an applied research center in Brussels. 51 things that are blurred on Google maps. The Bristol Scale brings new meaning to the term anal retentive. The Colleyville Chamber of Commerce. 95 old-school games you can play online. The social dynamics of code reviews. Make rounded corners using purely CSS with help from spiffy corners. The sound effect generator isn't what you think. 25 post-apocalyptic visions. Shop for stuff you can't buy in these vintage Christmas catalogs. They say SVG is the future of web application development. Not exactly sure what's up with Make your own eye charts. The original press kit from Apollo 8.

...and none of the vices I admire.

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