Saturday, January 3, 2009

It is a tale told by an idiot...

AccelerEyes delivers an add-on for MATLAB that uses the GPU as a computing resource. Get support for your Garmin GPS. The ESI Group announced CFD-ACE+ V2009. Here's the latest issue of ANSYS Advantage. ANSYS also provides this nice comparison of all their CFD software. Read about the 13 most famous numbers. For those who like to blend in, here's how to not look like an American tourist. What do lingerie and football have in common? Apparently, a new football league. Spelunky! is a new open-source computer game. Learn a foreign language with Shtooka. Proving yet again that bacon is a wonder substance: the bacon wallet. The latest in high fashion: the hood thong. Here are 40 unusual web sites worth bookmarking. Download these free high-resolution images of planet earth. This site is only for the truly curious. Illegal Advertising brings us viral, rejected, pirated, spoofed and otherwise rare advertising. Play the Beer Caps memory game. Official web site of musician Nick D'Virgilio.

...full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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