Saturday, January 10, 2009

Through the fence, between the curling flower spaces...

If lungless frogs are your thing, you'll enjoy this list of the weirdest animals of the past year. Or perhaps if you're into logo design, you'll like this examination of 20 weird logos. Six Revisions brings us a look at 10 freeware web analytics tools. If you ever forget your password, you might find it on this list of the top 500 worst passwords. Hulu hosts a full length version of the film Kung Pow - watch it today! For the crafter in you: beer goggles. First it was Y2K and then 2012 and now apparently there's a problem with the year 2038. Mercury Software Systems brings us Open Inventor, a 3D graphics toolkit. Apparently, we have very loud interstellar neighbors. Enjoy the best mashups of 2008. Sometimes the oldest recipes are the best; here's the Boston Cooking School Cookbook from 1996. Ze Frank has a blog about blogging: the explicit. 3D representations of your favorite video games are on display at Dotter Dotter. TinEye is a reverse search engine for images. You software developers might want to look at the Reprise License Manager. The folks at Smashing Magazine show how to start using CSS3. All you want to know about Microsoft HPC Server.

...I could see them hitting.

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