Saturday, July 25, 2009

Only when the clock stops...

If you like OpenFOAM but wish it was more portable, maybe FreeFOAM is for you. Texas A&M became the first public university in the country to offer phone applications via TAMUmobile. I am tempted to say that only someone from Japan would combine fine art with the sophomoric photocopying of the buttocks to produce the iBum. Speaking of Fine art (pun intended), this limited edition, signed print of the Three Stooges can be yours for only $175.

Tools for safe computing: KRC's anti-spyware tutorial, about the Firefox search redirect, and some advice from Want to be a programmer? Here's how. If you're a web developer, some of these online presentations on AJAX, PHP, design, and other topics may interest you. Ever wonder what all those things are on the back of your computer? Let the mystery be revealed.

Your bacon is in my chocolate! Want your own personal clean-air zone? Check out the Humanair Air Purifier. Syfy. Syfy? Really? Is rebranding really gonna catapult them to the top of the basic cable charts? Seems to me that job #1 would be not showing movies that suck, like Mega Snake. The Marfa Lights are a ghostly paranormal phenomenon or headlights. Are you hungry? Have some bacon.

Stylus magazine offers this look back at Brian Eno's Ambient Series (1978-1982) , music as ignorable as interesting. A Twitter expose. Twitillating. Are your interns WINterns? Our are, at Little Debbie's Got CAD you want to exchange? Try the aptly named CAD Exchanger. Generate your own custom Scrabble layout. The Enabling Technology Lab at the Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham has some interesting software projects underway including MiniCAD and MEGG3D. Concepts NREC provides a lot of CFD software for turbomachinery.

From the calendar...
  • International Conference on Applied Modeling & Information Security Systems, Birmingham, AL, 08-10 Oct 2009
  • Open Source CFD International Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 12-13 Nov 2009
Sure, why not. Jump on the Sprouts bandwagon. Simmetrix has released new parallel meshing software. Arcos provides interactive marketing services. Folks at Rutgers generate grids using gridpak. From the good news, bad news department: Good news, there's a blog about grid generation. Bad news, it hasn't been updated since Nov. 2006.

More proof that all the good ideas have been taken: Handerpants.

...does time come to life. -- William Faulkner

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Jim said...

With all the struggles to maintain an uninfected computer, I wonder at what point one just says 'screw it' and either switches to a different OS or pen and paper.

The Marfa Lights could also be caused by tasty, sizzling bacon being cooked over the west Texas mesquite growing along US 67. It is a fact that the government has not denied the link between the Marfa Lights and the faked moon landing. :)