Saturday, March 13, 2010

Now we sit through Shakespeare...

There are 44 inducted toys in the National Toy Hall of Fame. My favorites? "Stick" and "Cardboard Box." Make your bacon in a waffle iron. (The sequel: Make meatloaf in a hair dryer.) This ain't your daddy's internet: sketch on a web page using Harmony, or draw with fire using Flame.

Special Advisory: This post features a butt and really cool stuff in the last paragraph.

The CFDLab at the University of Texas at Austin. "An unyielding passion" and other ingredients of a successful web site. Dave Avanzino creates one-of-a-kind artworks for Disney. Make your own graph paper online. Make your next car/bike/plane an Aptera. Need help computing the golden ratio? Use this online calculator.

Politics aside, giving Edward Tufte a presidential appointment to help explain the use of $787 billion in stimulus funds is a good idea. Join the Mac Developer Program for only $99. With the Business of Software coming up this October, it's a good time to see what you missed last year. Here's Geoffrey Moore on innovation.
LibreDWG is a free C library to handle DWG files. Can you design a good Formula 1 race car using only CFD? The Virgin Racing team thinks so. nPower Software released CAD translators for AutoCAD. Spatial has started an industry partners program. Need help with social media? Use this cheat sheet. Or if you need to cheat at Excel...

On the heels of last week's dump of URL shorteners, here's Twitter's Leery about a web site? Run it through this web page security check. Free, browser-based text tools. A great debate topic: have the USPS stop delivering paper mail and turn their attention to Mail 2.0. "Stay out of the way" and other principles for user interaction designers.

I don't know why I've been hoarding buttons all week. Here are a bunch of free buttons for your web site. Need icons for your mobile app? Here are 14 icon sets. And here are some guidelines for "call to action" buttons.

I'm don't usually link to videos here, but if you're a fan of animation this music video by Sebastien Tellier done in black and white line art is really interesting. (Full disclosure: it features a drawing of a butt. Focus on the animation, not the butt.)

NASA has a computer game! You can have a video phone for Skype. (I'd still rather have a flying car.) 45 minutes to improved web site conversions. Is a TwitStamp the social media equivalent of a tramp stamp? Rogue's John John Dead Guy Ale works for me on so many levels. Speaking of beer, those people at The Oatmeal have done their signature thing on 20 things worth knowing about beer.

The book Essential Mathematics for Computational Design is now freely available. Trey Gunn and Marco Minnemann have a new album, Modulator, coming out in May. While I'm not a huge fan of Picasso, his iconic work Guernica has been reenvisioned in this 3D video. Make up new words with Wordoid.

Ten web analytics tools. From hieroglyph to latin - how the alphabet evolved. (When I was a wee lad, I once wanted to be an archeologist.) Free CAD downloads from cadyou. One less place to hide. The CAD on Linux blog. Use Blender? Read BlenderNation.

Ron Fedkiw at Stanford is doing some cool algorithm research into CFD and other fields. (Be sure to check out his work on changing mesh topology.) And ProFORMA is another awesome bit of technology in scanning; be sure to watch the video. (Yes, I know I wrote that I don't usually post videos.) order to recognize the quotations. --Orson Welles

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