Saturday, March 20, 2010

Though this be madness...

Apparently, Philip K. Dick was a big fan of Bladerunner. (Makes me want to get the DVD and watch it again.) (Note: there are flying cars in Bladerunner.) The Martin Jetpack is not a flying car. But Frank Skroback's 1935 roadable aircraft is. (WTF? We had flying cars in 1935?)

Next time you're giving a presentation, keep in mind that somebody in the audience may be down-voting you on Speaker Grader. 37signals' new book, REWORK, is a NY Times bestseller. The real value of undo is that it allows confident exploration of a software product's capabilities.

What do you hate about software development? Here's a list of ten things beginning with incompetent managers. If you hate it, perhaps you're not avoiding these 30 software development mistakes like "off by one" errors. Which one are you: a developer, a programmer, or a computer scientist? The blog of the Computing Community Consortium.

When I was in high school, one of my best friends drove a light blue 1968 Buick Skylark convertible with an 8-track tape player. He only had two 8-track tapes one of which was Genesis' Nursery Cryme. I wonder if that tape is in the 8-track tape museum in Denton, Texas.

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Here are Andre Bakker's class notes from teaching CFD at Dartmouth from 2002-2006. Learn how to make speech bubbles (not the same as drooling) purely with CSS. I'm not wearing pants. Designing for the Web, a free e-book. Here are twelve other web design e-books. (I like free.)

Use Trackur to monitor your brand on social media. The Bad Pitch blog illustrates by examples how not to pitch your product or service. More help on Google Analytics, this time from Six Revisions. Need a random password like 'R+l7C^4eMVzOrM#h@.4VLb@c5}Fs[? Try this random key generator for that and much more.
Tips for writing your web site's landing pages. Flying Architecture provides free 3D Rhino models of kitchen appliances, beds, and other household stuff. A style guide for writing a style guide for your software or web site. Twitter has a 40% retention rate and other status about its climb to 10 billion tweets.

Tired of March Madness already? Then try the Greatest Living American Abstract Painter tourney. (I'm shocked that Helen Frankenthaler didn't get a number one seed.) 47 more CSS tips and tricks. The 5 Minute Scarf Arranger and other awful library books. Floats and position in CSS. "Watashi no namae wa Inigo Montoya desu" and other handy phrases to impress your foreign business partners. Was the stinky meat project really necessary?

I don't know what's stranger: the fact that there's a shampoo for a lady's hoo-hah called Muff So Soft or that it comes in Honeysuckle.

Here's your mental palate cleanser: Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza.

...yet there is method. --William Shakespeare

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