Saturday, June 5, 2010

Every kind of music is good...

What could possibly make a moon pie better?  Bacon, of course.   Death ray!  Booyah!  More fun with Google's home page - Google Gravity.  Tired of googling stuff for your friends and family?  Use "Let me google that for you."

Take 20 minutes and learn Google Analytics from SEOmoz.  You can then use GA to see if you can increase your conversion rates as much as these folks did, including a 34% increase simply by changing the color of the sign-up button.  Or you can turn things around and compute the amount of inbound traffic you need to achieve your revenue goals.  And finally, once you have prospects in your pipeline, here are some thoughts on how to write a good follow-up email.

Previously, I've linked to advice on how to create virtually every page of your web site from landing pages, to forms, to archives.  Today it's your "meet the team" page.  Need some dummy text to mockup a page?  Go beyond Lorem Ipsum.

Asia (the original Asia: Downes, Howe, Wetton, Palmer) have a new album out called Omega.

What does an artist's palette say about them and their work? If you too are one of those people who look at abstract art and say "I can do that", here's your chance to make your own Mondrian online.  Sean Scully has a new exhibit in London, his first since 2006.

Nice video of Savonious wind turbine CFD simulation. If your CFD mesh is really big (like 111,000,000 cells big) you might want to run it on an SGI Altix which just set a record for scaling to 4,092 cores for a Fluent benchmark.

Airport etiquette: how not to behave at the exit toll gate. A new dinosaur was found in Mexico with 4 foot long horns.

Visualization comes to the New York Times.   Maya Design offers this brief video about how humans give form to information.  Juice Analytics opines on the best of business intelligenceThink3 announced their new software partner program.  More CAD comes to the iPAD with iRhino.  More from Juice: how managers can benefit by thinking like a designer.  Here are 25 must-have, free programs for designers (I have one).

I'm not a car guy, but this graphic illustrating the evolution of Ferrari from 1950 to 2010 is cool.

"My job is to protect my people from idiocy of every stripe" and 11 other things good bosses believe.  Podcasts for launching software products are at Startups for the Rest of Us.  Rob from Software by Rob is writing a book for launching a software business called Start Small, Stay Small.

I like black licorice.  But 52 pounds?   Need to know the weather?  Just look out Yo Window.  The Hubble Space Telescope has shown us that there's a lot of stuff out there.  Please do not open your window during flight.  Oh, never mind.

The folks at Wright Line will model your datacenter using CFD.  Here's part 6 of Symscape's CFD Novice to Expert series.  Siemens PLM released NX 7 including CAE improvements in model generation.  Lattice released XVL Player 10.2.  SpeedIT Tools provide GPU-accelerated solvers for sparse linear systems.  Students at Lehigh go after the world speed record for a land yacht.

MetaGlossary offers to make meaning out of searching the web.  Tips on how to make Twitter more useful for your business.

...except the boring kind. -- Gioachino Rossini

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