Saturday, June 12, 2010

Insisting on perfect safety...

Find out who is the cutest.  The LA Times offers this list of the 50 greatest guitarists ever.  Agree: Jeff Beck, Robert Fripp, Wes Montgomery.  Disagree: Jack White.  MIA: Allan Holdsworth.  Get your maple donut with a couple strips of bacon at Voodoo Doughnut.

What is up in Denmark?  Last month I linked to an article citing them as using the least amount of toilet paper.  Now we find out they lead the world in meat consumption.  As a scientist, I must conclude that these two facts are indeed cause and effect.

When in Fort Worth, be sure to visit the B-36 Peacemaker Museum.  For some modern, leading-edge technology, check out Sikorsky's X2 Demonstrator.  This list of 10 U.S. military aircraft that "didn't make it" (#10 A-12 Avenger II) doesn't tell the whole story.  If you are a Cold War relic this history of the fallout shelter sign will entertain and educate you.

With everyone making infographics, it's a good idea to learn how to do it well; here's how the World of Programming was designed.  I never realized how big SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket is.  The least popular day of the year for viewing pr0n online is Thanksgiving (gluttony trumps lust?) and 13 other facts about internet pornography.

If you were a methane-based life form on Saturn's moon Titan, what would you eat?  Acetylene, of course.  When Herschel peered through Lockman's hole, he photographed thousands of galaxies with billions of stars each. 

CalArts figures so prominently in the history of American animation that this 1964 film The CalArts Story (produced by Disney) is kinda interesting.  Who knew there was such a thing as computational origami?

A collection of motor oil cans.  Not to be outdone, the Shaker Project presents this collection of salt and pepper shakers.  Fans of typography (and gaming) will like this console font, created from game controllers and consoles.

For the one week I worked as a light janitor at a department store, I had to listen for my code in the muzak over the store's intercom.  The main call was "8-5-9-9"; 8-5 was me and 9-9 meant I should call the operator for instructions.  Here are other codes you aren't supposed to know.  Speaking of secret words, here's the origin of Shazam and 4 other magic words.

If you're going to rework your website, use a CSS framework and several other tips from Noupe.  Smashing presents these principles for cross-browser CSS coding.  The official CAPTCHA site.  More advice on writing your website's About Us page.  If you've got the time, here are 50 new CSS techniques and tutorials.

The top 25 tools for learning, 2009 edition.  Tired of creating an avatar for every site, network, and blog you post on?  Create a global avatar instead, at Gravatar.  Microsoft's test drive of IE9 has some interesting HTML5 demos (my favorite is falling balls).   Get free stock photos from Veezzle

Kubotek launched a new website specifically for their Validation Tool including a ValidateCAD blog.  NVIDIA's Tesla general manager, Andy Keane, talks about GPUs for HPC in this 10 minute video.

Is technology rewiring our brains?  This study runs counter to my opinion but, research shows that multitaskers have more trouble focusing and shutting out irrelevant information leading to increased stress.
When they say "desktop CFD" they mean you're running on your desktop computer.  This demonstration of tabletop CFD is a bit more literal.

At the 4-minute mark of John Underkoffler's TED talk about the future of computer user interfaces, he shows a CFD simulation that completely lacks an interface because the solution is computed around the object you set on the table..  Very interesting.  But the rest of the stuff about a Minority Report-style gesticular interface is too much - my lazy ass doesn't want to work that hard to use my computer.  ("The computation is network soluble."  Huh?)

ALICE is a project at France's INRIA that aims to understand the computer graphics implications of geometry and light.  The mesh generation home of U. British Columbia's ANSLab.  CFD was applied to streamlining the UK's most aerodynamic trailer, the Cheetah Fastback, resulting in a 9-10 percent fuel savings.  Beta CAE released ANSA v13.0.5.  MSC's 2010 Automotive Conference will be held 07 Oct 2010 in Southfield, MI.   Here's Part 7 of Symscape's CFD Novice to Expert series.  Model with virtual clay using Sculptris (and it's free).

What's amazing isn't the iPhone 4 announcement, rather the fact that I'm seriously considering trading in my old Motorola V180.
 Time to upgrade?

PTC announced Project Lightning, their approach to ending the stagnation of MCAD technologies by shaping the next 20 years of their product development and innovation.

Enhance your "visual literacy" with these videos and articles.  Need data for your visualization or infographic?  Here's a list of 30 data resources.  Or you could use the datasets at Many Eyes to create your own visualizations online.  If you need help making a Tufte-compliant chart, use Juice's Chart Chooser.

The Topgrading interview technique includes these six essential questions you should ask every candidate about every job they've had.
  1. What were your expectations in taking the job?
  2. What were your responsibilities and accountabilities?
  3. What were your successes and how did you achieve them?
  4. What were your failures including the specifics?
  5. Who was your boss and what were their strengths and weaknesses?
  6. What would your boss tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?
Jason Fried of 37signals describes their approach to hiring: hire late, hire after it hurts.  Of course, this puts him diametrically opposite of Good to Great's Jim Collins who believes that you have to hire first and the work will follow. for people who don't have the balls to live in the real world.  --Mary Shafer

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