Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mr. Q Cumber - Sparkling Cucumber Beverage

I know what you're thinking: "not another review of cucumber soda."  Well, I don't get out much so this is new to me.  New as in I came home from work one day and the food fairy had left one in the refrigerator.

Twisting off the cap and releasing the seven ounces revealed a virtually colorless beverage with light carbonation and a subtle but undeniable cucumber nose.  Think of a summer afternoon at your mother's side as she slices a fresh, home-grown cucumber for a picnic dinner.  She hands you a fresh slice, still dewy with the gourd's own juice and you bite into the firm yet yielding white flesh.

The first sip is coy.  The taste is at first light, clean, and slightly sweet and the carbonation is gently refreshing and teases your moist lips.  The bouquet reveals itself slowly, the nectar only timidly giving up its light summery taste.  But as you and the sparkling drink get to know each other better, he reveals his full self, the unmistakable flavor of cucumber in all its velvety glory.

Too soon my seven ounce experience came to an end.  I've never had a cucumber this way before nor do I know when I will again.

This reviewer did not receive compensation of any kind from Global Beverage Enterprises, Inc.

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