Monday, October 18, 2010

The First Patient by Michael Palmer

The First Patient.  Probably should've been called The First Draft because some extra work is in order.  The writing was on about the 7th grade level which is probably how I was able to figure out one of the shocking closing revelations by the time I was halfway through.

So let's see.  The president's personal physician has gone missing which kinda sucks cuz there's a lot of folks who think the prez is losing his marbles.  So the big man flies out to Wyoming to recruit a new doctor who just happens to be his college buddy which sounds good until you remember that the doc is a recovered alcoholic who spent a year in jail on manslaughter charges for killing two people in a DUI accident.  I'd try to explain how nanotechnology fits in but I'm not sure myself.

The voice acting didn't salvage this book either.  A good voice actor can make you hear and see each character.  This voice actor made me hear a guy doing accents.

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