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Success is the ability...

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Programming language C++ turned 25 years old on 14 October.  This popular and widely used language was created by Bjarne Stroustrup who teaches computer science at Texas A&M University.  Alas, on the same day,  Benoit Mandelbrot, developer of fractal geometry and its applications, passed away.  He was 85.

 Here's a cool video of something called SUPERBIEN: 3D light projection.  I imagine Tangerine Dream or Synergy (Metropolitan Suite?) for the soundtrack.

Deelip Menezes blogs about Adobe's exit from the 3D CAD world and includes this gem: "What Adobe didn’t realize is that data exchange is a problem that CAD vendors don’t want to solve [emphasis mine] because it is in their best interest that the problem stays alive and festers."

Here's how to backup your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media., a Yelp for people, appears balanced on the knife-edge of use/abuse.  Perhaps they just should've called it

Formalize CSS is one person's attempt at finding a happy medium in consistent, cross-browser CSS. House of Buttons is a roundup of buttons from various web sites and apps.  House of Buttons is also included in this list of 50 time savers for web designers.

 Stunning new toilet seats.  Seems easier than doing a whole bathroom remodel.  

Have a pill you can't identify?  Try Pillbox from the National Institutes of Health. Keep in mind that Pillbox is still in Beta.  It apparently doesn't work with Firefox.  (Leave it to the government to create an IE-only web site.) With Internet Explorer, it worked on one pill I tried but only if I entered one attribute (text) and gave me 5 possible results, one of which was correct.  If I added any other attribute (shape, color, etc.) it failed.

I bet you can't wait for our company blog to get up and running so you can avoid all this CFD stuff.
  • Want a shot at a prize pool totaling $45,000?  Participate in ASHRAE's CFD Shootout and compute the loss coefficients in duct fittings.
  • Symscape's newsletter for October 2010 is out including news about their pathfinding effort to do CFD in the cloud.
  • Siemens released Femap 10.2 for finite element modeling.
  • The department of mechanical engineering at the University of Connecticut is applying CFD on several research areas.
  • Altair announced a 30% growth in revenue over the past year in the aerospace market.
  • Gothenburg 2010, A Workshop on Ship Hydrodynamics, will be held 08-10 December in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • ACUSIM released AcuSolve 1.8 including GPU acceleration.
  • Just what exactly is the OpenFOAM-Extend Project?
  • Norcan Hydro uses CFD to design turbines.
  • CD-adapco joins the GM PACE Program and will contribute its CFD software to participating academic institutions.
Human life reduced to 936 little blobs.

Just like Mohs scale measures the hardness of materials (0=talc, 10=diamond), there's also a scale for how hard a sci-fi technology is. (0 = runs on "nonsensolium")

Pajama Jeans (featuring DormiSoft) give you the comfort of pajamas with the style of denim and are so comfortable you can wear them all day, even to bed!   They do meet one criteria I have for pants of all kinds, even sleepwear - they have pockets.

This is a little old, but here's an infographic about men's room etiquette including the guide to choosing a urinal.

Here's a web site dedicated to legendary animation artist, Ken Harris.

Very insightful - something called the reality distortion field (not from Star Trek) is a common attribute of both visionaries and sociopaths.  How does one create a visionary product?  The oft quoted Henry Ford ("If we'd asked people what they wanted they would've said faster horses.") demonstrates that you can't slavishly follow customer requests.   The solution is simple: have a clearly articulated vision (what Verne Harnish calls the Big Hairy Audacious Goal), know what aspects of that vision are grounded in reality and adapt those that are not.

Study results indicate that swearing at the start and end of a speech can increase the influence of your argument.  I feel validated, because I just did that on Tuesday.  While I don't suggest dropping f-bombs, tossing in a "damn" may be enough.  (Trivia: Gone with the Wind's producer was fined $5,000 for the "I don't give a damn" line in 1939.)

Foursquare is everywhere.  An astronaut checked in to Foursquare from the International Space Station as part of their partnership with NASA.  Seven deadly assumptions that prevent online marketing success.  (#4 Assume that because you don't read blogs, no one does.)  The nine worst ways to use Facebook for business (#9 Don't develop a personality.)  And why running your blog like a newspaper is a path to success.

 Cool pics of the X-15.  This one, just after launch from the B-52 mothership, is the most notable.

Everything does reduce to simple physics.   A manager on the F-22 program intentionally hit another car to prevent an even bigger wreck.

Turner's Cube is a learning device for machinists and I'm looking for a CAD model so I can mesh it. Not one but TWO open source 3D printer projects: RepRap and Fab@Home.

Part #73 in our series of "seeing the unseen" - CT scan of a Twinkie.  Here's a cool mashup of two of my interests, NFL and data visualization: Juice Analytics' spike chart.

I know one person who would probably buy and wear this R2-D2 swimsuit.  But will she see this and follow through?

Instead of making a video of this Pink Floyd vs. Bee Gees mashup they should've added another artist in the mix because there's just something missing in the music.  Best use of the internet #2,768: an online photo collection of pizza boxes.  John McAdams has a page full of links and info related to the JFK assassination.  This is one weird clock. go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. ~Winston Churchill

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