Saturday, March 31, 2012

The use of a university is to make young gentlemen...

Someone I know probably has a headache this morning after too many beers last night. So these are all for him:
  • 8-bit Pale Ale infuses "Australian Galaxy hops at the end of the brewing cycle into an American Pale Ale."
  • Beer-infused premium ice cream from the Brewer's Cow. (As seen on Shark Tank.)
  • Your next refrigerator needs to be this new model from LG that includes a blast chiller able to cool a can of beer in 2 minutes. (This would be really handy because I have a tendency to toss warm drinks into the freezer for a quick chill and then forget about them with messy results.)
The Economist debates whether the TSA's freedom massages, its war against airport footwear, its x-ray voyeurism, and the protection it affords us all from air assault by beauty care products has been effective in securing the traveling public.

Just how much did the Nazis hate jazz? It seems quite a bit.

OMG. An all-diamond ring. (No one tell my wife.)
Rejected by Apple. Abstract geometry or pr0n? You be the judge. Geometric Porn.

I'm remarkably apathetic about the fact that yesterday was National Cleavage Day.

On the other hand, the ability to use Shitter to print my Twitter feed on toilet paper is enticing (and appropriate). I'm wondering why they didn't go all Web 2.0 and name the site Shitr.

My driver's ed teacher taught me to hold the steering wheel at 10 and 2. But the new guidelines are 9 and 3. And the reason for the change is not what you might think. If you're holding the wheel at 10 and 2 and the airbag deploys all sorts of nasty things happen to your hands and arms.
Bob Ross likes to wash his brush. (Not a euphemism.)

The fastest spoken languages in terms of syllables per second are Japanese and Spanish while the slowest are Mandarin and German. Yet studies show all languages deliver information at about the same rate (information density per syllable). In hindsight that makes sense because it would be tuned to the listener, not the speaker.

Project Prometheus, website for the upcoming Alien prequel.

Aircraft pr0n of the week. source
You don't just give away Space Shuttles intact. NASA is performing an extensive retirement process to make the orbiters safe before they're sent to museums (no nasty chemicals or exploding things). But this is also a unique opportunity to learn from how the vehicles have aged so these lessons can be applied to future vehicles.

Contrails: aerodynamics made visible.

Wind Map - interactive and real time (and cool). Or if you like it wet, check out the Perpetual Ocean video.
A few productivity tips for grad students.

This is what a scientist looks like. Busting stereotypes using teh interwebs (except for the gal in Klingon makeup).

Piet Mondrian, Composition No. 11 London with Blue, Red, and Yellow. From Wiki Paintings, striving to be the online encyclopedia of art. unlike their fathers as possible. ~Woodrow Wilson


Francis Shivone said...

I hate to admit that I watched the whole Bob Ross brush washing video. My daughter and I used to watch him on PBS back in the 80's. Fascinating guy. Great video.

John said...

There's nothing more relaxing than watching Bob Ross on PBS.