Saturday, September 8, 2012

Holding on to anger is like...

This is a pretty good version of Fleetwood Mac's song about an old Welsh witch, live from 1976.

It's opening weekend for NFL football and that means folks across the country will be settling down with their favorite beer and their favorite team. Here are some great craft beer - home team pairings. The Dallas Cowboys are paired with a Deep Ellum Brewing Company Dreamcrusher Double Rye IPA. The Philadelphia Eagles are paired with a Flying Fish Exit 4 Belgian-style Tripel (as recommended by The Alemonger, a friend of Horse Bits!).

More beer! More Philly! More presidents with beer. Try Yards Brewing Company's Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale, from the man's original recipe.

Musician John Cage would've been 100 years old on 05 September. Whether you love or revile Cage's 4'33'', consider these five ways of understanding Cage's music.

Speaking of reviled music, when it comes to progressive rock you either love it or you hate it. The innaugural Progressive Music Awards were held this week and winners ranged from Genesis (Lifetime Achievement) to TesseracT (New Blood).

Part of me thinks the Fliz, a velocipede bicycle concept for "healthy, ecological mobility in overcrowded urban space" is a joke.
This is not yellow, the latest episode of img.

Conceptual and minimalist artist, Syracuse alum, and Cleveland Indians fan Sol Lewitt will be biographied by author Lary Bloom.

OK, Star Trekkers, get yer geek on. Star Trek Points at Things, a Tumblr blog. And which Star Trek actor is related to baseball player Kenny Lofton? This and other Star Trek trivia is posted at Geek Tyrant.

Programmer's corner: an interactive map of the Linux kernel. Or you can drive this little toy car around the screen.

They're what's for dinner. source
Listen to Mozart's Lacrimosa. Now imagine being born deaf and hearing that work, and music in general, for the first time.

If spending around $350 will still leave you with some cash to carry around you might want to buy one of these limited edition wallets made from vintage baseball gloves from Coach.

I could not ignore "Waterless Urinals Cause Floods of Pee" in this list of ways that going green can backfire.

Science proves that not having a butt hole is bad. Meet Demodex. You have one or two of these mites per square centimeter on your face. They have no anus so they never poop. But when they die (deep in your skin's pores) they burst and out comes the poop. There's bacteria in the poop and scientists think it may be the cause of rosacea. image source
Does the phrase mammalian thermoregulation get you all hot and bothered? If not, what about a device that's better than steroids at aiding muscle recovery? Enter Stanford University's glove.

Back to the boozing, I can't tell whether this video How To Drink Whisky from Whyte & Mackay is serious or a parody.

And this can't be serious: a site dedicated to those who wear a clown nose everyday.

But this is serious indeed: a regional guide to sandwiches. Don't worry Philly, the cheesesteak is in there. So is the hero. But not my favorite hero, the Romanburger.

Because I can. source
What do you expect from Monty Python? How about A Liar's Biography, an animated film about Graham Chapman that includes input from 14 animation studios.  (Working title: Graham Chapman: Dead in 3D.) Should have a limited run in U.S. theaters later in 2012.

More Python, but used in a manner I find regrettable. The Monty Python guide to user experience is based solely on a single quote from Life of Brian cited in the opening paragraph and never referenced again.

...drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. ~Buddha (Actually probably not really from Buddha but the attribution adds gravitas.)

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