Saturday, October 13, 2012

I don't have a dirty mind...

Soundtrack of the week: Philip Glass Remixed, 12 musicians remix Glass' minimalist works with wonderful results. (Thanks @DLPfaff.)

Also in music news is the upcoming November release of Led Zeppelin's Celebration Day, a 16 song live recording of their 2007 "reunion" concert.

But what I really want you to consider is this serious story from Stick Men's Michael Bernier who has been having neurological problems because of a mass on his brain. Buying his solo album Leviathan will help him pay some of his medical bills.

X-ray your cucumber (and other vegetables) at Inside Insides.

The second law of thermodynamics is one of those things for which everyone should have a basic understanding and appreciation. Fortunately, Leonard Susskind shares an elegant explanation.

Neatorama shares this list of 10 landmark moments in animation. The usual suspects are here: Gertie the Dinosaur and Steamboat Willie. But there are some surprises involving censorship, labor strife, and an x-rating.

If you author even the simplest web page, you'll benefit from understanding hexadecimal notation for colors (e.g. #390459).

Something's not quite right with this web page courtesy of ReflectThis!

One of Mark Rothko's Seagram Murals in the Tate Modern was defaced by an apparently talentless hack (talentless because otherwise he would've created something new and original) named Vladimir Umanets, a leader of a movement called Yellowism. (The graffiti shown above appears to read "Vladimir / Umanets / A Potential / Piece of Yellowism.") The vandal appears to have properly chosen the name of his movement as his act demonstrates a substantial degree of cowardice. By using Rothko's work as a megaphone for his rambling he's made himself no better than any hanger-on, a coat-tail rider - no better than self aggrandizement junkies who stand in the background of live TV shots, cell phone to ear, waving like a drunk 3rd grader.
In cyberspace you get "Liked" or "Friended." What's the equivalent in meatspace? How about a hug? The Like-a-Hug is a way to link the two. It's a vest that inflates and "hugs" you whenever you get a like online. 

Who wouldn't want this on their commode? (I have no idea why it's called torpedo alley instead of bombs away.)
Do you say "fall" or "autumn?" I actually prefer autumn, or at least I did until reading this article about the season between summer and winter has two names.

Another cool browser trick: Touch Effects.

If you want to make things like Touch Effects or games, you can learn at Build New Games.

Never be at a loss for words again. From the utilitarian "dipshit" to the odd sexist/webnerd combo "If your vagina had a password it would be 'password'" find just the right phrase using this giant poster of insults.
...just a very sexy imagination.

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