Saturday, February 23, 2013

The difference between reality and fiction...

Ever hear a song and think you've heard it somewhere else? Use Sounds Just Like to find songs that sound just like each other. For example, Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London sounds just like Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama.

This could turn out to be very interesting: researchers at Ohio State developed a way to burn coal but capture 99% of the CO2. Now that successful tests are complete, a pilot plant for coal-direct chemical looping, as the technique is called, is slated to start up in late 2013.

OK Star Wars geeks, slow your roll - Harrison Ford has been confirmed for Star Wars VII.

Good advice never goes out of style. The Art of Kissing from 1936 includes gems like this: "That is why, when kissing, there should be as many contacts, bodily contacts, as is possible. Snuggle up closely together. Feel the warm touch of each other’s bodies."
The bad news: reduction of the sense of smell begins as early as age 30, affects about half of us by age 50 and three quarters of us by age 80. The good news: you can retrain your sense of smell.

Fans of touch guitarist Markus Reuter will enjoy Older Than God, a series of brief videos about Markus' life and music.

Get this: the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle manifests itself at the macroscopic level. Pause to let that sink in.

Begin Map Fetish

I've never heard anyone in Texas refer to soft drinks in general as Cokes. But I did grow up in Ohio calling them pops. So where lies the truth? source
Why should the Russians have all the fun? Use Impact: Earth! to simulate a meteor impact on the planet.

Maybe this will give everyone a better idea of how big the moon is.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, show where high speed rail will go.
End Map Fetish

Twitter tells us that Hawai'i is the happiest state and Louisiana is the saddest. But when one of your happy keywords is "beach" your analysis of geotagged tweets is certainly going to bias toward coastal regions being happier.

Ever wanted to hear tweets? I don't mean have them read to you. I mean hear what they sound like. Check out Tweet Concrete. (Does not work in Firefox. Login to your Twitter account required. Too lazy to add diacritical.)

Wanna buy some stock? Check out the Bloomberg Businessweek 50.
Bambi Meets Godzilla

Graduates of arts colleges have more student loan debt.

There are two reasons this article about the in-flight menu for U-2 pilots got my attention. The first is rather obvious. The second not so much.  

A spy chart for spy planes, satellites, drones, and probably other stuff. These "optical calibration targets" can be found around the US (and other places) with Google maps.
Everything you'd like in a website - interactivity, colors, and hexadecimal.

Google's Chromebook Pixel touchscreen laptop. Starts at $1,300 with 32GB and WiFi.

Bringing art and science together: knitting mathematical shapes, like the Klein bottle shown here.
One benefit of being a space station astronaut is having Peter Gabriel and his family call you from mission control.

All the things I'd like to write about this web page are too bizarre even for this lowly forum (which you'll find odd when you read what comes next). On one hand it's like alien genitalia and on the other hand it's like a child's fuzzy toy. But it's just horrible.

I'm sorry but when you use your penis cake pan to make a firework cake it still looks like a penis.
Bacon = good. Sex = good. Therefore, bacon-scented personal lubricant = good. The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw that was to wonder how long the scent lasted. Think about it.

"Our track record is clear: since 9/11, not a single 9/11 has happened again. The news story currently going viral concerning a passenger’s scrotum is not representative of our otherwise successful track record." This statement courtesy of the TSA Policy and Statement Generator.

If pooping blows your mind you're forcing it. The Kama Pootra.

What is Urjnasw Xkfjjkn up to now? Well, for one thing, he gave me this video of Taylor Swift feat. Goat. (If you don't LOL there's something dead inside you.)

And now it's time for Nulling the Void.

Hello? Hello? that fiction has to make sense. attributed to both Mark Twain and Tom Clancy


Jeff Waters said...

I can confirm that it was "Coke" during my youth in Southern, Indiana. You'd always here, "hey, can I have a Coke?" And the answer would be, "Sure, what kind?"

John said...

One of these is not like the other: soda, pop, tonic, Coke (R). It's like calling every hamburger a Big Mac. Then again, I used to say pop but now say soda. Who am I to judge someone's childhood.