Saturday, March 2, 2013

I prefer the folly of enthusiasm...

It's that magical time of day when...  No, wait. That's someone else.


Someone really likes the architecture of the Clyfford Still Museum.

Why all of a sudden I'm posting large scale and/or 360 degree panoramic photos is beyond me. But keeping in mind that I'm not usually a big fan of photography nor can I take decent photographs myself, here's a 360 degree photo of the Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia.

Read as someone manages to relate Mondrian and Led Zeppelin.
Where is the largest multi-touch screen in the United States? The Cleveland Museum of Art. Read about how they use Gallery One.

U heart NYC? Then take a gander of this photo from 1903 of the NYT's building under construction.

Found! The world's oldest color film footage.

Eulerian video amplification. What could you do with it?

Today's soundtrack is Jane9, a track from the upcoming May 2013 album from Harold Budd, Jane 1-11. Jane Maru created videos for each of the 11 tracks on the album.

This woman must really love Disney. She sings this one-woman a cappella video medley of Disney theme songs.

Pat Mastelotto and Marcus Reuter contributed to Moonbound's Peak of Eternal Light.

Every national anthem played simultaneously.


Know yer veggies.
Impress your boss with this bacon necktie.

How long would it take to decorate an entire wall with 60,000 beer bottle caps? The folks at Kegworks know and will show you in this time-lapse video.

Too late for Valentine's Day but you might still want to try Sankt Gallen's chocolate stout in a chocolate cup.

Someone I follow tweeted about Can Twitter Make White People Less Racist? and called it a "good read." I beg to differ - it's appalling. The claim that all white people are racist is laughably and disgustingly false. The author has attempted to stain everyone with this politically correct version of original sin. (Never mind the fanciful fine line between being racist and being a racist.) I'd like to tear each paragraph in the article a new one, but I'll let you read it and decide for yourself. (Oh, and the premise that Twitter has a Kumbaya role to play here is so weak it's inconsequential.)

Here's another one, this time from the NYT: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food. By tossing in the word "addictive" we've been absolved of individual blame for weight and health problems caused by eating too much Taco Bell. It's the evil food companies that are to blame, darn it. Hey everyone - step up and take responsibility for yourself. As a friend of mine says, I'm fat because I choose to be fat. In other words, I choose to put a higher priority on other behaviors. That could change if I choose to do so.

Feeling disgruntled? Let's fix that with Gruntle Me.


I feed my map fetish with this interactive world map of vaguely rude place names. For example, Vagina, Tyumenskaya oblast, Russia.

From Psychology Today we get this state-by-state map of where Craigslist "missed connections" occur. Shame, shame Texas. Walmart? Really?

Have I mentioned this before? The Walton 1913 Liberty Head 5-cent coin (one of only 5 known to exist as the Buffalo Nickel was introduced in 1913) is expected to fetch $2.5 million at auction.

I don't even really like badminton but this shot is pretty amazing.

Who is this dude named Jonty? You might have seen his work. But what does he mean by Generation Pi?

Love reading? Check out this book/library pr0n


Strap into the cockpit of an F-18 as shown in this video of carrier flight ops from the Ike.

Here's an update on the guy who's creating 3D CAD drawings from scratch for the U.S.S. Missouri.

Things that go boom: the USAF is getting ready for B-2 flight tests of an improved 30,000 massive ordnance penetrator. (Hmm, who might be getting some of these right up the keister?)

Mycestro (mice + maestro?) - a 3D mouse you wear on your finger.


Only the Japanese could come up with such a cute tool for cleaning out the "600 types of bacteria partying 24-7 at Club Umbilicus."
600 types of bacteria partying 24-7 at Club Umbilicus. - See more at:
600 types of bacteria partying 24-7 at Club Umbilicus. - See more at:
Science sometimes reaches the wrong conclusion. The "don't fart on an airplane" law trumps the ideal gas law. the indifference of wisdom. ~Anatole France


Anonymous said...

As always, the obligatory craft beer content is greatly appreciated; however, the map of vaguely rude place names steals the show this week.

John said...

My god, I can imagine you sitting there sipping a beer and clicking all over that map and silently ranking those places from least to most rude.