Saturday, February 22, 2014

Locked On by Tom Clancy

See Jacks run. Dad runs
for prez. Son runs toward danger.
Who will get there first?

Locked On by Tom Clancy (with Mark Greaney) is the third Jack Ryan Jr. book in the so-called Ryanverse of Clancy's Jack Ryan centric world.  In this one, Jack Sr. has been convinced to run for his second presidential term against the current incumbent and political nemesis Ed Kealty.

At the same time, Jack Jr's career has evolved from intelligence analyst at the "extra-judiciary" counter terrorism agency The Campus to operator.

Father and son cross paths when Kealty's dirty political dealings threaten to expose The Campus by going after CIA agency legend, Jack Sr friend, and Jack Jr co-worker John Clark. At the same time, The Campus is working two separate terrorist incidents in Russia and Pakistan.

A solid but undistinguished effort. The book's closing introduced something that sounded like serialization, something I hate in serious novels (reminds me too much of The Hardy Boys.)

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