Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Noble Approach by Tod Polson

You know his work but
not his name. Grinch, Roadrunner.
He's Maurice Noble.

If you've ever watched any classic animation - virtually any Chuck Jones film, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Roadrunner and Coyote - you've seen Maurice Noble's work. As a designer, he created the stage on which the characters acted. Playful, technical, beautiful - his work is simply wonderful.

The book, subtitled Maurice Noble and the Zen of Animation Design, was begun by Maurice and finished by one of his proteges after his death. It begins with a brief biography but then shares Maurice's wisdom on all aspects of design for animated films, from Getting Started to Story, Breaking Down the Elements, Research and Inspiration, Design, Color, Layout, and the Final Film.

An example of Maurice's design and layout from perhaps the greatest animated film ever made, What's Opera, Doc?
As Maurice wrote in the book's introduction, "The real art of animation is filled with ideas and beauty and is a never-ending joy."

The book even has its own blog.

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