Saturday, April 12, 2014

Highlights of Fort Worth's Main Street Arts Festival 2014

After not attending for 20+ years, my lovely wife and I strolled through the annual Main Street Fort Wort Arts Festival today. For those unfamiliar (or out of touch like me), Main Street is a highly regarded multi-day festival of art, music, food, and fun and has been awarded the IFEA's Grand Pinnacle award 3 of the last 5 years.

Here are the artists whose work caught my attention.

Rey Alfonso

All things being equal, I would've loved to come home with a painting by Rey Alfonso. He paints on Baltic Birch using only pure pigments and distresses the pieces by sawing them, burying them, and burning them. I see a little Diebenkorn, a little Scully, a little Fisher and a lot of Alfonso.

Lisa Burge

Lisa Burge told me about her architectural influences and how process is strongly evident in her worked over canvases. She also creates monotypes by painting on glass and then pressing that up against paper to create a one of a kind work. Booth 502

Scott Olson

Scott Olson and I talked about the similarity between his work and that of Donald Sultan but also looked at the fine detail he adds in graphite (I think). Note: Scott's website says not to use his images w/o permission. Sorry. I wanted to share.

Hidden Spring Designs

Cathy and I agreed that the work of Hidden Spring Designs would look good in a beach house. Booth 514

Bonus: Craig Lossing

I'm not one much for sculpture but the wood work of Craig Lossing has such visual tactility that I could easily see myself getting one of his half carved, half natural wooden pieces. (Sorry, no pics.) Booth 439


Francis Shivone said...

Good review.

We went Saturday morning to beat the crowd. Marian went again with my daughter Saturday night and left because they couldn't move. A problem I was happy to hear about.

John said...

Then we were probably there at the same time: in at 10 out at 2. Good to be gone before the drunks got started.

You and I had the same sentiment. Good to hear it was popular, good to not be there for the crowds.