Sunday, April 6, 2014

Vinyl to Digital to CD via Murfie Music

Murfie Music's vinyl ripping service (currently in beta) is almost magic. I sent them my albums and the next thing you know I've got lossless ALAC files with nary a hiss or pop. It seems like magic but it's not.

I don't even remember when I signed up to be a beta tester of Murfie's vinyl ripping service but fortunately last November I got the email saying I was in and they'd clean and then rip up to 15 of my old vinyl LPs.

You see, I had been thinking (not too hard) for several years about what to do with old my old albums. I've got a few but my B&O turntable hasn't worked in over a decade since I broke it while packing for a move. And now there's no one in Fort Worth who'll work on it. (Last time I checked I would've had to ship it to Austin.) I had thought about getting one of those USB turntables to convert vinyl to digital media but that process would've taken quite a bit of time. And yes, I could've just repurchased my LPs on CD.

And then along came Murfie with their offer to beta test. So I packaged up 15 of my LPs in the mailers they provided and sent them off to Madison, Wisconsin via UPS. That alone was quite a leap of faith for me.

So what happened next? Here's what they told me.
  • First, the album gets cleaned.
  • Then they use a RPM 5.1 by Pro-Ject Audio as the turntable (more here). 
  • Next comes an iFi Phono pre-amp (more here).
  • A-D conversion is done with a Komplete Audio 6.
  • And finally, the digitization gets cleaned using a special program.
The results in lossless ALAC format are really good. There's no way to tell that the files came from vinyl.

More importantly, it's absolutely fantastic to hear music that I haven't heard in over a decade. Murfie Music's vinyl ripping service delivered exactly what I wanted - my vinyl LPs as high quality digital files. And I even got my vinyl back. (And yes, I burned the ALAC files to CD for playing on the home stereo.)

I don't know when Murfie's vinyl ripping service will go into production. There's a comment on their website about making special arrangements for vinyl (they currently host your CDs and digital files). I have no idea what the cost of the service will be. But I'm fairly certain I'll be sending more vinyl to Madison soon.

If you have vinyl to be digitized, give a listen to Murfie.

Disclosure: As a beta tester, Murfie ripped 15 albums for me at no cost.


John Kruse said...

John from here...

Thanks for participating in the vinyl beta. I'm really glad you're enjoying the results and can't wait to open our vinyl service to the public!

Francis Shivone said...

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2. Remove to improve. Loved it, thank you.

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Sorry to end on too serious of a note, great links, thanks.