Saturday, June 7, 2014

There is silence born of love...

Harold Budd's next album, Jane 12-21 (and apparent follow-up to his Jane 1-11), is due to be released on 09 September. It's available for pre-order and preview of all the tracks.

I just discovered this myself so we can listen together: Robert Fripp and David Sylvian, A New Dream, live 1993. And speaking of Mr. Fripp, his latest incarnation of King Crimson announced their upcoming tour dates.

[Update: I hope you listened to Fripp & Sylvian's A New Dream. Wow. I was entranced.]

What's up with you people in Wisconsin where the number of bars exceed the number of grocery stores by 2.7 times?
Star Wars geeks: video of the dialog sorted alphabetically.

I don't know why, but these 3,000 year old pants fascinate me.

An art installation in an airport that's modeled after a school of fish.

Periodic Table of Chocolate
Like purple things? Shop here.

Pixelated Mario art. And Chris Yoo's monster alphabet.

How's things at work? This brief quiz from HBR will map the quality of your work life based on five categories. (No, I'm not showing my results.)

The Lochnagar Crater from WWI.
A lot of these Fort Worth stereotypes are questionable except for the first one: Fort Worthers would rather die than move to Dallas.

100 American craft beers that (they say) you should drink. (8 out of 100 isn't bad, right?)

More craft pr0n: turning a tree stump into a stool.

And for stool of a different kind, leave it to our friends in Japan to invent this handy device.

...which expresses everything. ~Conte Vittorio Alfieri


Francis Shivone said...

I agree with you on the Fort Worth stereotypes. They should have quit at one.

Woodcrafts are always enjoyable videos.

I like the toilet flush idea but not sure why it works.

I wish they had had a craft beer movement back in the day I could enjoy a cold beer.

I like the quote.

John said...

The toilet thing is just a plunger. as long as the seal around the rim is good, pressing down pushes everything out the exit.

I still prefer my plunger that takes compressed air cartridges. Very satisfying to use.