Saturday, April 11, 2015

Man is the only animal for whom...

Ranger's home opener yesterday afternoon, stayed up later than normal watching Edge of Tomorrow, up before 6am today, breakfast with friends at 9am, Plano trip later. Existence.

Frank Bowling, Bird, 1992. Bowling's work is currently the subject of an exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art.
If you like value when it comes to music purchases, how about 75 tunes for only $5? That's what it'll cost to download the MoonJune Records Sampler (progressive jazz, rock, etc.)

In The Path you see an interpretation of a photon's path across the universe.

Don't paint the interior walls of your office white.

Each state mapped only by its roads.
Another map, this one of the most liberal and conservative cities in each state.

Yummy deviled egg recipes. Who's up for smoked salmon and capers?

A video trailer for Lorenzo Feliciati's new album KOI is available.

And there's a new band on the scene. O.R.k. is comprised of Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (aka LEF), Carmelo Pipitone, Pat Mastelotto, and Colin Edwin. Give a listen to Jellyfish from their upcoming debut album.

If you prefer your maps global, colorful, lumpy, 3D, and interactive check out the Geoid Viewer.
Will my whisky drinking readers like these Johnnie Walker glasses from the Peaks Collection?

Of the 320+ million people in the U.S. at least 1 but perhaps only 2 have my name. Find out how many have yours at How Many of Me.

Glazed. Cannoli. Donut.

Add some beauty to the rest of your day by streaming Harold Budd from Soundcloud.

...his own existence is a problem which he has to solve. ~Erich Fromm


acid said...

So now can I paint my office walls?

John said...

Beige is not white.