Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer is when...

The new ambient album From Worlds Unseen A Light Yet Streams A Sound Replete from the duo of Markus Reuter and Zero Ohms is available for pre-order and a few tracks can be previewed.

Here's a video of InterStatic performing live in 2014.

How might you apply the lessons from studying the jazz language to your field of endeavor? "Study the tradition. Absorb and understand what has been created before you. But get down to the business of finding out who you are."

Clyfford Still, PH-401, 1957. source. Still's paintings incorporate "a heroic battle for survival."
You may have as much fun as I did browsing through the most recent list of the Fortune 500. CVS Health is #10 and I had no idea they were that big. Boeing is #27 but Amazon is right on their heels at #29. Disney is #57.

Half of the U.S. population lives in these counties. source
Anti-intellectualism is killing America. I'm more comfortable with this article's subtitle (social dysfunction can be traced to the abandonment of reason) than I am with the link-bait title and the use at the very top of the article a photo of the racist mass-murderer. "Intellectualism" stinks a bit of elitism. That's why I'm happier with the subtitle's use of the word "reason." And the "killing" of America is a sad attention grabber to tie the article's premise to current headline news. We need to double-down on primary and secondary education.

This three-way juxtaposition of my interests (animation, computing, visualization) demonstrates not only a well done black and white animation but one done for business (versus artistic) purposes. From the Apple World Wide Developer's Conference 2013 is this Intro Animation.

Things only engineering majors will understand. #3 You can barely remember a time when math actually involved numbers.

Speaking of college majors, what are the top jobs for 2015's college graduates? When ranked by median entry-level salary, #7 is a Administrator which boggles the mind.

Take 45 minutes for this behind the scenes documentary about Dr. Stranglove.

The first three volumes of The History of Cartography are now available online. Map lovers go nuts.

...laziness finds respectability. ~Sam Keen

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