Saturday, June 13, 2015

There is no sun without shadow...

You can turn any region of your computer screen into a playable Super Mario Bros. game with Screentendo.

Querkles: color books for adults.

Fans of Alien will love this. Derelict is an "intercutting" of Alien and Prometheus. Highly recommended.

A thought provoking essay by Mark Manson on the four stages of life.
  1. Accept that you will never be enough for everybody all the time.
  2. Accept that you will never be able to accomplish all you dream and desire.
  3. Accept that time and energy are limited.
  4. Accept that the influence of any one person will dissipate.
Jerry Seinfeld won't perform at colleges because "teens and college-aged kids don’t understand what it means to throw around certain politically-correct terms. They just want to use these words: ‘That’s racist;’ ‘That’s sexist;’ ‘That’s prejudice.’ They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.”

A self-professed liberal college professor is afraid of his liberal students. "The student-teacher dynamic has been reenvisioned along a line that's simultaneously consumerist and hyper-protective, giving each and every student the ability to claim Grievous Harm in nearly any circumstance, after any affront, and a teacher's formal ability to respond to these claims is limited at best."
Musician Nick Beggs compares Steven Wilson to Prince in this interview.
Claw machines are rigged. So are those basketball shooting games at the fair. (The rims aren't circular.)

Photographer Bartosz Wojczyski composited over 32,000 individual photographs into this stunning high resolution image of the moon. See more here.
Or you can interactively explore the largest panoramic photo ever taken of Mont Blanc.

Photos of North Korea give me the creeps.

Unintended time capsule: un-erased school chalkboards uncovered after a century.

Enjoy a few minutes of GoPro video from a spacecraft fairing as it falls back to earth.

The trailer for Ridley Scott's The Martian looks pretty good. And I hear the book on which it was based is very good.

Have you tried Wolfram's Image Identification Project? Give it any image and it will tell you what it is.

This 20 foot shark will probably keep me out of the oceans for another couple of decades.
Who doesn't love Godzilla?

Take a virtual shower with

What I find most amazing is not the success of the first penis transplant but the fact that the surgeons also gave the deceased donor a replacement penis for his burial. Repeat: They gave a dead guy a new penis for his funeral. What kind of open casket ceremony was it?

Turn your browser into Windows 93.

Or just watch a website be built in real-time at STRML.

...and it is essential to know the night. ~Albert Camus

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