Saturday, August 1, 2015

Minds that are ill at ease are...

Over on Every Frame a Painting there's a very nice 8 minute video that captures the greatness of Chuck Jones, animator and film director.

Or maybe you'll enjoy these Disney pencil tests (test animations of scenes done only with pencil drawings).

Georgia O'Keeffe, Clouds 5/Yellow Horizon and Clouds, 1963-64. (Perhaps not the O'Keeffe you were expecting?) source
The Tate Modern has Agnes Martin now and then Georgia O'Keeffe coming in 2016 Q3. Wouldn't it be cool to see a big mash-up exhibition of the two?

If you're like me and missed its original broadcast, you can watch PBS' special The Bomb, about development of atomic and nuclear weapons, online.

I don't need this but I really really want it. The GaffGun, an ingenious tool for taping cables to the floor.
Fort Worth's Collective Brewing Project is a block away from my office. Who wants to visit now?

Why Time Flies is a simple visualization of why time seems to accelerate as you get older.

This video looks like all these balls are mimes doing the invisible box thing. source

Rolling Stone interviewed Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks on his solo career and upcoming box set. It's funny to read where Tony says that he hasn't been a listening of popular music since about 1968.

In a related note (because Squire is mentioned in the interview with Banks), Jimmy Page says he'd like to release the music he recorded with Chris Squire and Alan White under the name XYZ.

The first, atomic-scale image of colloidal nanoparticles.
It's an odd combination, but the list of regions that rebel against standardizing on time zones includes China and Indiana.

A map of the 11 regional cultures of North America. I was surprised to find Cleveland in Yankeedom and Fort Worth in Greater Appalachia.
David Lynch can make even the alphabet be creepy as can be seen in this 1968 film.

...agitated by both hope and fear. ~Ovid

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