Saturday, August 8, 2015

There is no pain so great as...

Trey Gunn has released the mellifluous Live at Hugo House, a performance from last month. Only $5 - no brainer. Get it.

Wow. The umbratilous dark side seen as the moon passes between the Earth and the DISCOVR spacecraft. Go to NASA's site to see the animation as the moon transits across the earth.
As mentioned previously, recordings exist of XYZ, a band of "eX Yes and Zeppelin" musicians including Jimmy Page and Chris Squire. This "demo session" is pretty darn rough. So I wonder how Jimmy Page's desire to clean it up and release it will turn out.

I couldn't write this better myself: "In the post-LEGO Movie stampede to turn plastic waste into animated entertainment, Envision Media Arts has partnered with Pez Candy to create an animated feature based on its candy."

This reportedly secret NSA map shows Chinese cyberattacks during the past 5 years. source
With the 70th anniversary of the use of atomic weapons in Japan during WWII upon us, the Nuclear Secrecy blog delves into the false dichotomy of the use it or don't use it argument. My father, an Army PFC in the Pacific theater, believed that had they not been used he likely wouldn't have survived an invasion of the Japanese main islands.

The New Yorker has published on-line John Hersey's classic piece Hiroshima from their 31 Aug 1946 issue.

For aviation geeks, enjoy this labarynthine video of Airshow Budapest 2014.

Stephen Orlando's motion photography captures musical ripples. 
Think you've got rhythm? Drum along on your computer and test your score. I got 765 out of 1,000 on my first attempt.

Cornell University has the world's largest archive of wildlife sounds and they're all online.

Electricity generation by source. Color code can be found at the link but orange is natural gas, black is coal, and purple is nuclear.
This academic treatise on scatological references in 18th century English literature reveals that we are much more prudish than they were.

You may consider this untoward, but these 9 facts about breasts from IFL Science are neither surprising nor previously unknown to me.

Racer-S is an OpenGL demo that puts you in the cockpit of a Formula-1 car.

Vocabulary in today's post brought to you by 100 Beautiful Words That You Need to Use More.

...the memory of joy in present grief. ~Aeschylus

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