Saturday, October 3, 2015

Habit, if not resisted...

This is the only link you need to click. A 15 minute documentary: Spitfire 944. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

"How much more black could this be? And the answer is none, none more black." With apologies to Spinal Tap and my friend Chris, here's an essay on the color black in painting over the centuries. As it turns out, there are indeed degrees of black as Nigel said.

Pierre Soulage, Painting, 2009.
The CEO: overpaid empty suit or charming genius? Popular opinion seems divided between those poles. From HBR comes this article on what only the CEO can do.

  1. Interpret what's going on outside the company that's meaningful.
  2. Define what business we're in and what business we're not in.
  3. Balance current profit and future investment.
  4. Create company culture.

Speaking of overpaid, take a gander at this list of 4 reasons why [income] inequality is bad for society and think about whether you think these reasons are valid. I personally find #2 (Economic inequality can undermine the fairness of political institutions) to be a red herring. Their point is the extreme expense of political campaigns requires candidates to seek donations from the wealthy leaving them beholden to the wealthy (and only the wealthy). I call it a red herring because the best solution to this dilemma isn't taxing the shit out of the wealthy (i.e. income redistribution) but campaign finance reform up to and including funding campaigns entirely and equally with federal funds.

Web design is dead. Long live discoverable content.
The useless bird identification chart. My favorite: unkempt snatch.
...soon becomes necessity. Saint Augustine

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