Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ignorance is the primary source of...

Mundo Nuevo is Markus Reuter's free downloadable album. It is good. You should download it. You should pay for it (even though he offers it for free). And you can also pre-order autographed CDs of it.

You can pre-order Marillion's upcoming 18th album on Pledge Music.

A master of ambient drone, Nicholas Szczepanik, has a "name your price" album for you called Ra.

There's a new kid on the block: wajobu with searching for sound (think Robin Guthrie).

King Crimson fans should run - not walk - to The Forbidden Files. A fan (?) took the effort to compile and organize all tunes freely distributed from the King Crimson site. It'll take weeks to download and burn CDs. (Yes, I do that.)

And by the way, do not contribute to the devaluation of recorded music. Support artists. Stop using streaming services.
Gerhard Richter, Six Yellows, 1966. If you're in London between now and 16 January you should see Gerhard Richter: Colour Charts
You suck at Excel. Do something about it by watching Joel Spolsky's video.

Here's probably more than you ever wanted to know about Super Mario level 1.

They say a sequel to Kung Pow - perhaps the funniest movie ever made - is in the works.

Do you prefer your films more sci fi? Well, Ridley Scott plans three more Prometheus films, all sequential prequels to Alien.
Make and print grid/graph paper of all kinds with Gridzzly.

The fundamental theories of physics and their relative overlaps are mapped for your better understanding.

This is well after the fact but Ken Burns' The Civil War was remastered in HD and broadcast on PBS back in September. I wonder when they'll run it again?

Settle back with the CIA's release of the President's Daily Brief from 1961-1969. One of the later one has a tantalizing completely blacked-out paragraph about Canada.

A page from the recently scanned Chinese 17th century book called "the most beautiful set of prints ever made." 
There's only one flying B-29 in the world and this video gives you an up close look.

And there's only one June Foray, called the female Mel Blanc.

Yummy.  120 yards of bratwurst.

...all misery and vice. ~Victor Cousin

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